Your SBC Today’s Special Value 9th April 2020 on QVC UK

Think hero products, versatility and great value…

During these uncertain times, it’s important to remember to take some time out to look after yourself and your skin.

It was important that we delivered your trusted heroes, now more than ever, so that you can reach for them with the reassuring knowledge that they will provide you with bespoke luxury and results for the whole family. This 6-piece collection includes some of our all-time favourite SBC heroes – Arnica, Propolis, Collagen and Aloe Vera. Your everyday essentials of bath and body. Launching on QVC UK at 9pm on the 8th April, and the 9th April is the official Today’s Special Value.

We wanted to show you that caring for your skin and well-being does not require complicated regimes. This is your collection to have at home and to reach for every single day. It will address your skin stresses and relieve both physical and emotional fatigue in generous affordable sizes.

Here are some benefits and tips that should help you get the very best results…

Precious Propolis

Propolis Body Wash and Propolis Moisturising Gel contain the complex, precious hive extract that bees create to protect their environment. Bursting with vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and amino acids, the function of propolis in the hive is to keep it free from bacteria, fungal infection and to keep it as sterile as possible. We recommend you use our body wash and gel on skin that is dry, cracked, irritable and/or reactive.

The Propolis Body Wash ensures sensitive and reactive skin is cared for at the very start of your regime. It also makes a perfect foot soak, skin-soothing hand wash, and did you know it can be used on the scalp to alleviate any irritation? I suggest you lather up your shower gels then turn the water off for 60 seconds to let the extracts settle on your skin and do their work before you rinse away.

Follow this step with our water-based Propolis Moisturising Gel, which is suitable for both face and body. Think of using it for cracked heels, dry hands (something we are all suffering from right now) and on breakouts on the face, or perhaps chest and back. Basically, any skin that looks flaky and unhealthy and maybe feels uncomfortable.

Alleviating Arnica

Add Arnica Muscle Soak to a warm bath, at the end of the day, to alleviate tension. This provides a comforting cocoon that releases a delicate herbal aroma, supporting your physical and emotional state. It also effortlessly treats all those areas that might be hard to reach, such as your feet, back and shoulders.

Aloe Vera

Maybe your skin is dehydrated, dry or tight. Are you prone to hormonal hot flushes? This is when Aloe Vera Bath & Shower Gel is your remedy. Instantly quenching your skin with vitamin-rich Aloe Vera, with added Cucumber and Lemon extracts, your skin will feel and look softer, smoother and cooler. There’s nothing intimidating required, just step into the bath or shower and maybe turn the water temperature down a notch or two? It is also another example of a body wash that could serve as a soothing and skin-comforting hand wash.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a fantastic ingredient for general skin health.  Full of antioxidants, it works to help protect your skins natural barrier and to protect against environmental aggressors. Skin will look and feel conditioned and replenished. 

Our versatile Moisturising Gels are grease-free, lightweight. They may be used on their own or added to your existing skincare regime. They can upgrade and supercharge with targeted ingredients that give visible results and make your routine far more effective. Which is why you also have a third one…


Who doesn’t need Collagen in their skincare regime? We all know that this essential protein creates a scaffold effect on the skin, to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, it can be an expensive habit to keep up and it doesn’t feature in many products that aren’t designed for the face. Our Hydra-Collagen Moisturising Gel may be used as an anti-ageing base for your make-up, as a serum, or as a face and body moisturiser. It hydrates as it glides onto your skin, delivering all the hydrating and plumping properties of Marine Collagen.

You could keep these 100ml sizes in the fridge and use them as a cooling and toning mask or to reduce puffiness around the eye area.  Many people love to add our genius gel to their other favourite skincare products to supercharge their benefits and make them last that little bit longer.

I hope to see you there, Adele.

SBC’s pre-sale show is at 9pm on 8th April! On the 9th April, the day of the Today’s Special Value, we will be on air at 12am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 4pm and 6pm. SKU no. 241779

This is your collection that allows you to create bespoke skincare, you can change it as your mood or skin requires and you’ll never be afraid to use it. Enjoy them every day, your skin will love you for it.

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