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Witch Hazel & Zinc Body Wash – Why It Also Makes A Perfect Hand Wash…


In these difficult times, it’s great to see people following health guidelines and doing one of the simplest things to keep safe – washing their hands more thoroughly and frequently. Equally heartwarming are the stories of communities and companies supporting each other.

We reduced the price of our hand washes by 50%, to make them more accessible to all and produced hand sanitisers from existing ingredients held on-site with us in Suffolk. At this uncertain time, it is only natural for us to make sure we are all organised and prepared in case we are required to stay at home for a while.

It’s no wonder we ran out of sanitisers and hand washes so quickly. Keeping in mind we are an independent family-run company, it isn’t always easy to keep up with demand. We produce everything ourselves and are subject to issues with our supply chain, as are others. But, what can we do to help you out?

Our in-house Chemist has suggested our Witch Hazel & Zinc Body Wash could be used as an effective hand wash. Of course, it is the ideal body cleanser for problematic skin types due to the formula’s ability to inhibit the spread of bacteria on the skin. The wash is formulated to help skin stay deeply cleansed and hygienic, so will work well on your hands as well as your body.  

This naturally fragranced wash contains a deep cleansing blend of Tea Tree, Zinc, Lemon Peel and Witch Hazel. It gently cleanses, protects and restores the skin and will leave hands feeling soft, clean and invigorated, without drying out your skin.

Let’s delve in a little deeper…

Ingredient Breakdown

Tee Tree Oil…

Tea Tree is a frequently used essential oil and has been welcomed into western medicine as a staple ingredient with well-known antimicrobial properties.

Tea Tree Oil is an essential oil which can help keep the skin healthy. It contains several compounds that help wash away bacteria and leave hands feeling cleansed.

The oil is known for its ability to help calm problematic, breakout-prone skin, it is often used in cleaning products too. Tea Tree is an ideal ingredient to use in a hand wash, as it may help fight off a number of germs.


Zinc supports Tea Tree Oil to help inhibit antimicrobial activity. It also seems to have a balancing effect on the skin’s microbiome, helping to keep the mix of good and bad microbes in harmony. Zinc also provides a sustained delivery of minerals direct to the skin, to soothe and calm.

Witch Hazel…

Witch Hazel is mostly known for its astringent, anti-inflammatory and strengthening properties. It helps calm breakout-prone skin and balances the skin, whilst benefiting from the ability to fight off bacteria on the skin’s surface.  

Therefore, we are offering our 500ml Witch Hazel & Zinc Body Wash at the reduced price of £7.25 to match our reduced hand washes. Stay Safe!!

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