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Why you should use a Face Mask right now…

Should everyone use a face mask? Absolutely. They are easy to apply, fun to use and most importantly they are great at delivering results.

We love face masks. They are the perfect addition to your skincare regime to give your skin the boost it needs.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to add a mask to your skincare regime today…

  1. Instant Results

Most skincare products need to be used continuously over time to make a visible difference to your skin. Sometimes your skin just needs a quick boost, for example, if you are feeling a little run down or have an important event you want to look your best for.

Face masks have the power to instantly improve the look of your complexion by providing a power surge of key ingredients to refine pores, draw out impurities, increase hydration and even out skin tone all at once. Say hello to a beautifully radiant and healthier looking complexion.

  1. Deep Cleansing

Cleansing each day is important to keep your skin clean by removing makeup and impurities from the surface of the skin. But did you know that masking takes the cleansing process to a whole new level?

Masks, especially if they are formulated with clay, are incredible at providing a deeper cleansing process. They help to remove dirt, impurities, absorb excess oils and unclog pores. We all know that clogged pores are nothing but trouble so regular face masks help to keep them clear which leads to an improvement in the appearance of pores that you can see and feel.

  1. Boosts your Skin Care Regime

By applying face masks regularly, your overall skin regime will significantly improve. The deep cleanse that using a face mask provides will, in turn, help your skin absorb other products like serums and moisturisers more efficiently. To then provide you with the results you’re looking to achieve much quicker. Thank you face masks!

  1. Glowing Skin

The process of a clay mask drying on your skin, along with the removal of the mask, stimulates circulation to improved skin tone and promote a radiant glow. So, relax, feel the tingle and get ready to reveal beautifully glowing skin.

Although it doesn’t contain clay, the Cucumber Radiance Mask encompasses a cooling and hydrating formula which quenches skin’s thirst by helping it to retain moisture for a smoother complexion which looks dewy with a natural, healthy-looking glow.

  1. Relax and Enjoy some ‘Me-Time’.

Not only do face masks have an incredible amount of skincare benefits, they also have a rather significant impact on mental well-being. Using a face mask should be treated as a luxury. Take time out of your day to use one will allow you to relax and feel the stress melt away. Run a hot bath, light some candles and let the magic of the mask begin to work. You’ll be drawn into a wonderful, sensory experience that will not only relax the mind, but it will also leave you with smooth and radiant skin.


Everyone should introduce masking into their skin care regimen. For just a few relaxing minutes, your skin will go through a noticeable transformation that you can see and feel. We recommend using them once or twice a week for the best results.

Don’t forget to let us know how you get on with the new SBC Face Masks…

Love SBC x




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