Why you need your beauty sleep…

Sleep is vital for our well-being. Your mental health relies on you ‘switching off’ every night, as the body uses this downtime to repair, regenerate and recuperate. A good night’s rest helps us feel our best, improve alertness and reduce stress. This is why SBC support’s Sleep Awareness Week.

Catching the right number of Zzz’s is also your first step towards healthier looking skin.  It doesn’t’ take long for sleep deprivation to affect your skin even one bad night sleep can be visible from the way you look. For poor sleepers’ factors such as weakened skin barrier function, and an increase in trans-epidermal water-loss contributes towards a drained complexion as well as premature signs of ageing such as fine lines. At night your skin moves into repair mode – creating new cells, replacing aged cells, removing harmful toxins and renewing the skin, so if you sleep well, skin systems can operate efficiently.

How can SBC make sure you are getting your Beauty Sleep…

A relaxing and unwinding nighttime routine should help you drift off. With a little help from Mother Nature, SBC have lovingly created the Lavender Collection, soothing and hydrating for your skin and calming and relaxing for your mind. Lavender provides a balancing and harmonising effect to relax the mind whilst easing away anxieties and tensions of the day, providing the perfect nighttime remedy to help you sleep.

  • After a long day, take the time to rest, relax and reflect, while giving your skin and mind some care. Start with the relaxing Bath & Shower Crème enriched with Lavender Essential Oil and Water Lily to moisturise, condition and calm your skin. A bath is more effective than a shower at relaxing your body before bed, so pour the luxurious crème into your bath, and relax for as long as you need whilst breathing in the aroma of lavender to help calm your mind before bed.
  • You’ll sleep well after applying the comforting and velvety Lavender Body Butter. Added extracts of conditioning Water Lily and moisturising Olive Oil blend with nourishing Shea Butter to soothe your skin, whilst the lingering aroma helps promote a restful night’s sleep. Blanket yourself in this butter before getting into your favourite pyjamas, ready to snuggle down.
  • For a lighter veil of this calming essential oil, SBC’s Lavender Skincare Gel is an exceptionally soothing and wonderfully therapeutic face and body moisturiser. To aid relaxation and promote restful sleep, massage into the skin before bedtime. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, massaging it into pulse points, such as your temples, can help relieve these symptoms.
  • The final part of your bedtime routine is to spray calming and relaxing Lavender Room & Pillow Spray. Spray around your bedroom, or directly onto your pillow. Then get comfortable and breathe deeply – lavender essential oil is the perfect natural remedy to ease you into a sound sleep.

Before your head hits the pillow make sure you are free of any distractions and create the ideal relaxing environment. Avoid any screens in bed as they stimulate the hormones that keep you awake. If your thoughts are racing with tomorrow’s to-do list, release them from your mind by jotting them in a notebook ready to deal with in the morning. To help you zone out and get blissed out for bedtime with sleepy meditation music (if you’re playing it via your phone, make sure it’s locked!), a spritz of SBC’s Pillow Spray some deep belly breathing.

This combination should help drift off in no time. Even if you manage five hours instead of the recommended eight — proper sound sleep will bring on bright eyes and healthy-looking skin come morning.

Sleep tight,

Love SBC x

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