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Going Vegan

Vegan diets and lifestyles are becoming more popular, with an increasing number of people giving up meat for a plant-based diet. International delivery service Just Eat reported an increase in vegan and vegetarian orders in 2017 and have predicted ‘going vegan’ is to be the biggest food trend of 2018, as people become more aware of healthy and ethical lifestyle choices.

A recent UK survey found that over 542,000 people are now following a vegan diet – an increase of more than 3.5 times the number of vegans over the past decade, making veganism one of Britain’s fastest growing lifestyle movements.

Why Veganism?

People are becoming more aware and conscious of the products they put in and onto their bodies, and the environmental impact they have.

Many people who turn vegan are first drawn to it because they hear or read about the tremendous long-term health benefits of eliminating artery clogging and disease-accelerating animal products from their lives.

Some specifically turn to a plant-based diet to improve their health and well-being and eventually adopt the vegan lifestyle because of the numerous negative impacts of animal agriculture on animals and the planet.

In recent years, the health argument for veganism has gained tremendous support, as several scientific studies have confirmed you don’t need to consume animal products to live a healthy life; in fact, consuming a diet of plant-based whole foods is undoubtedly the healthier choice.

Skin benefits

A plant-based diet has also been linked to many skin benefits.

Dermatologists had struggled to prove what their vegan patients suspected, but now science is finally catching on. The rates of hormonal acne have significantly increased over recent years and it is likely coming from the hormones that the animals we eat are being fed or injected with.

Unsurprisingly, eating vitamin packed fruits and vegetables staves off blemishes better than anything you’d order from your car. But the vegetables aren’t all that vegans are getting right. Dairy is particularly scary for skin – milk is produced by cows to feed their calves in order for them to grow, therefore that milk is going to be very high in hormones.

Non­organic meat and dairy can cause hormone imbalances that really get the oil glands going, which means breakouts and cystic acne.

Vegan Skincare

Adopting a vegan lifestyle doesn’t end with food . Choosing clothing, household products, cosmetics, and skincare products free from any animal derived ingredients is also a key part of being a vegan.

Vegan skincare products do not contain any animal by-products or ingredients, such as honey, beeswax, lanolin, collagen, carmine, gelatin and squalene – from moisturisers and cleansers to soaps and fragrances, these ingredients are frequently found in an extensive range of skincare products.

What are the effects of vegan products on your skin?

Vegan skincare products tend to be gentler on the skin as they are usually made from natural or organic ingredients. Those with sensitive, easily irritated or allergy-prone skin may find these products especially beneficial as they also tend to contain fewer ingredients that aggravate any skin conditions or cause reactions.

Do SBC do vegan Skincare?

Most of SBC’s products are Vegan, please see below a list of SBC’s Vegan friendly products.

SBC are always acutely aware of customer expectation; all our ingredients are sources ethically and the company embraced a no animal testing policy for the SBC range from its inception back in 1988. This, combined with minimal packaging fulfils many of the requirements of the consumer that demands “eco-friendly” beauty.

Our SBC Marketing Executive, Lucy, recently took on the challenge to live like a vegan for a week, read all about her journey and how she changed her skincare routine with the help of SBC’s vegan friendly products here >>>

Explore SBC Skincare’s Vegan Friendly Products Here >>







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