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Good skincare goes beyond the products you use, the tools you also use have a key role in your skincare routine. So say no to the face wipe, and invest in some alternatives that will do so much more for your skin… #saynotofacewipes


For over 20 years now, our Skin Shammy’s have been our cleansing secret weapon, quietly working away behind the scenes to help deliver the soft, glowing, healthy-looking skin we all yearn for.

Used with our creamy Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser, the shammy quickly and conveniently removes impurities and make-up and exfoliates the skin by lifting away dead skin cells to reveal smoother, clearer and brighter-looking skin.

Washable and reusable this hygienic PVA cloth is the ultimate eco-conscious face wipe. The super-soft, smooth surface is ideal for even sensitive skins, also because of its non-snag surface and heat and water retention capacity, it acts as a superb shaving cloth for men too.

To keep your shammy usable, remember to wash them after every couple of uses and allow them to dry fully after each wash to prevent the growth of bacteria. You can simply pop them into the washing machine. Most face or muslin cloths should be changed daily as moist cloths can harbour bacteria and can lead to you spreading bacteria over your face. That is the beauty of the shammy, they dry hard to avoid any bacteria build-up.

And while they won’t last forever – we recommend using a new Shammy every time you start a new cleanser.


Gauze is regularly used by professionals, simply because they are lighter, take up less product (thus saving you money). The gauze pads don’t soak in liquid quite the same way as cotton rounds, so more of it actually ends up on your face.

On average, you can end up using 40-50% less product with a gauze pad than with a cotton round and up to 70% less product than using a cotton ball.

The secret is in how they’re made. The cotton is woven or pressed together in a way that keeps the fibres from falling out, so that means absolutely no annoying fluffies or cotton residue left on your skin and isn’t abrasive like some cotton can be.

The gauze pads are actually 100% cotton just like cotton balls and cotton rounds, so you can feel just as good about using them on your delicate facial skin.

Use them for your eye make-up remover, they are also ideal if you use a micellar cleanser or toner.

Once you go gauze you can never go back.

And remember #saynotofacewipes

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