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Summer Body Wash Kits

Check out our range of summery body wash kits all perfectly packaged to gift. Now you or your loved ones can get in the summer mood. Our body wash kits include two different mood-enhancing scents that complement each other. Perfect for your summer holiday and make the perfect opportunity to try something new.

Good skin starts in the shower! And with Summer approaching, we’re all likely to be showing a little extra skin in the coming months! SBC Skincare’s gentle body cleansers nourish your skin as they cleanse. Some body washes can have harsh cleansing ingredients which can strip the skin. SBC Skincare’s body washes are always rich in moisturising Glycerin and skin-loving ingredients to help support the skin’s natural moisture. 

Here are our favourite body washes for pairing together this summer…

Summer Breeze Body Wash Kit

Enjoy the refreshing scent of a summer breeze on your skin.

Infused with a luxuriously fresh fragrance of sea salt, crispy citrus and cypress trees, the Sea Minerals & Blue Algae Body Wash is a summer essential. The velvety lather softens and helps to strengthen your skin thanks to the blend of deep-Sea Minerals and Blue Algae. 

If you’re more prone to body breakouts in the warmer months this one is for you. As luxurious as it is effective, the Salicylic Body Wash helps to keep your skin clear and healthy-looking. The lather envelops skin in a refreshing aroma with notes of white tea, creamy avocado and a touch of citrus.

This Summer Breeze duo will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for anything!

Summer Body Wash Kits

Summer Nights Body Wash Kit

Sensual florals to soothe the mind with this luxurius Summer Nights Duo!

Infused with exotic, skin-pampering ingredients the Jasmine & Starflower Body Wash balances your skin and mood, as it gently cleanses. Enriched with Jasmine flower extract, Starflower (or Borage) and Evening Primrose to nourish and condition your skin. Whilst rich notes of lily, jasmine and ylang-ylang leave skin beautifully scented. 

With its wonderful masculine fragrance, the Lavender & Waterlily Body Wash calms the mind with notes of lavender, sandalwood and amber. Infused with Lavender Essential Oil, Water Lily, moisturising Olive Oil and rejuvenating Witch Hazel. To deeply cleanse your skin, leaving it silky smooth and healthy-looking. 

Summer Glow Body Wash Kit

This Summer Glow body wash duo will leave you feeling invigorated with freshness that lasts all day long!

Bring a slice of summer to your shower with our Citrus Caviar & Mandarin Body Wash & Shampoo. Infused with notes of tangy orange, sparkling mandarin and grapefruit in our zippiest scent. This 2-in-1 bottle of sunshine deeply cleanses, brightens and revitalises lacklustre skin and hair. Thanks to its fruity blend of Citrus Lime and Mandarin with Vitamins C and E! 

Delicately scented with notes of pomegranate, peony, tuberose and amber, our Rosehip Oil Body Wash is slightly more decadent. Nourishing as it cleanses thanks to Rosehip Seed Oil. Vitamins A, C and E ensure skin is left radiant and replenished. 

Summer Body Wash Kits

Summer Comfort Body Wash Kit

Soothe the body and your mind with a couple of Arnica heroes! 

If you or a loved one love to spend the warm summer days outdoors. Think hiking, gardening or playing with the kids, the Summer Comfort Duo is the perfect body wash kit for you! 

Soothing Arnica unites with a herbal blend of essential oils in this creamy Arnica Body Wash. Infused with an essential oil blend of Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, Frankincense, Orange Peel and Wild Mint. To help calm your mind and energise your body! 

After a long busy day wind down by turning your bathroom into a relaxing oasis with the Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak – a favourite here at SBC Skincare are HQ! We love it because of its wonderful fragrance. Deep notes of vetiver, cashmere, amber and sandalwood! Plus the fact that it’s comforting and soothing for a tense or tired body!

Feeling calm and relaxed is how summer should be spent!

Summer Refresh Body Wash Kit

A must-have for the whole family this summer! The Summer Refresh Body Wash Trio is all Aloe Vera – THE summer essential to soothe sun-kissed skin! 

With notes of eucalyptus, creamy spearmint and soothing chamomile the new Aloe Vera & Water Mint Body Wash is a refreshing treat for the senses. Aloe Vera and Water Mint extracts unite with Cactus Water, Bamboo and Kaolin Clay. The formula gently cleanses, hydrates and balances your skin. 

An old favourite. Infused with cooling Aloe and Cucumber extracts, the gentle Aloe Vera Body Wash calms overheated or sensitive skin. It delicately scents your skin with notes of cucumbers, citrus and daffodils. A scent as light as a summer breeze fragrance. Certain to become a new family favourite!

Complete your summer soothing body care with the Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel. This lightweight gel helps to soothe and hydrate your skin on the face and body! Plus it has the same wonderfully refreshing fragrance as the body wash! Ideal after sun exposure, use as a fast-absorbing after-sun.


Summer Body Wash Kits

Benefits of these SBC Skincare Body Washes 

  1. Glycerin-rich to lock in moisture
  2. Infused with skin-loving naturally derived ingredients
  3. Beautiful fragrances to boost your mood or calm your mind
  4. Something for the whole family
  5. Formulated without SLS or parabens. 
  6. Vegan-friendly body wash kits
  7.  Lovingly made-in-house!
  8. Recyclable packaging

Moisturise your skin when you get out of the shower, use either a lightweight gel or a more heavy-duty body butter! Lock in that moisture. Now, which Summer Body Wash Kit has taken your fancy? SHOP HERE!! 

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