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Hot vs Cold: Top Formulas to Help Relieve Muscular Discomfort!

SBC Skincare has two powerful, best-selling tension relieving products you need to know about. Applying a muscle rub or gel will not magically solve your provelms. But it certianly may provide much-needed relief in the moment and improve your day-to-day comfort. 

One provides cooling relief, the other warm comfort. They are specifically formulated to help relieve muscular tenderness, tension and overall fatigue. Helping you feel refreshed and energised in no time.

I.C.E Gel (Intense . Cool . Energise)


Products that provide a cooling sensation can help distract the mind from any discomfort. The new I.C.E Gel does just that. The instant cooling sensation helps to relieve muscle and joint tension or fatigue.

This cooling body gel is fused with Wintergreen, Epson Salt, Camphor and Menthol, which work together to instantly cool the skin and help ease problem areas. The gel can provide relief from feelings of fatigue on localised areas.

How to use: I.C.E Gel is particularly beneficial when used straight after strenuous activity. Apply directly to areas suffering from fatigue, and massage using circular motions. You’ll feel it getting to work, but you can apply it as often as you need throughout the day. Alternatively, apply to pulse points and deeply inhale the aroma to relieve tension and revive the senses.



Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub



On the opposite end of the spectrum, products that create a feeling of heat on the skin can also help relieve discomfort. You may remember SBC’s Arnica & Black Pepper Warming Body Cream. The Thermal Rub is the same effective formula, it has just been renamed and repackaged. Formulated with Arnica, Wintergreen, Black Pepper and Cinnamon Bark, we like to call it SOS in a bottle. This targeted, fast-acting formula provides warming relief to help ease muscular discomfort.

How to use: Warming products are suitable for general areas of tension, which you may suffer day to day. Apply the Thermal Rub sparingly to small localised, targeted areas on the body, such as back, shoulders, neck and calves. Allow the warming sensation on the skin to develop. An increase in skin temperature and high colour, for a short period, is normal.



Choose Hot or Cold Relief? 

HOT: Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub increases blood flow. Use it pre-exercise to relax tight muscles, or simply for ongoing areas of tension.

Cold: I.C.E Gel decreases blood flow. It is ideal for use post-exercise, on new areas of tension. For example, if your knees didnt appreciate those lunges! 

Using heat, as part of your warm-up before exercise can help increase flexibility in muscles as the heat increase blood flow. However, it is important to remember that you should not use heat immediately after exercise. If you do suffer from any tender spots after working out, you should apply ice for around 10 minutes, rather than heat. Ice decreases blood flow and can help reduce any potential swelling/inflammation.


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