SBC’s Today’s Special Value a Sensory Escape for the Mind & Body

The Supersize Targeted Collection!

Relax the body, calm the mind and lift the spirit with SBC’s Today’s Special Value on QVC UK on Sunday 27th December 2021. For the first time in two years, we have an Arnica Today’s Special Value for you! This collection features four products from our Arnica collection… including two supersizes and a brand-new product launch.

Why We Love Arnica…

SBC’s Arnica collection encompasses products to keep us comforted all-year-round, yet it tends to become more of an essential over the winter period. The cold weather takes its toll on our bodies and, with the addition of it including one of the busiest times of the year, this collection could go a long way. Plus, many of us have taken up a new exercise regime this year. This collection will support and work alongside your regime perfectly this winter.

The SBC Today’s Special Value – Item Number: 242552 – Includes:

  • Arnica Skincare Gel 1 litre
  • Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak 1 litre
  • Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub 300ml
  • NEW Arnica & Sandalwood Hand & Foot Rescue 100ml

Arnica Moisturising Gel 1 litre

Reap the benefits of an award-winning formula with a litre of this iconic moisturising gel. Gently massage the light-textured gel into tense or fatigued areas. The subtle herbal aroma eases psychological tension, while the smooth-textured gel will instantly absorb into the skin for soothing and relieving care.

Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak 1 litre

Proven to be a customer favourite for both men and women, the Muscle Soak combines the natural power of comforting Arnica with sensual and soothing Sandalwood and Turmeric. It was formulated to bring relief to a tired body and mind. Simply fill the bath, lie back, inhale the sophisticated aroma and let your stress melt away. The Muscle Soak can also be used in the shower. Your mind and body will be comforted with skin feeling soft and delicately scented.

Arnica & Wintergreen Targeted Thermal Rub 300ml

This targeted thermal cream is formulated with a heating infusion of Arnica, Wintergreen Leaf Oil and Black Pepper Seed Oil. It provides warming relief with invigorating benefits for those suffering from muscular discomfort. Apply sparingly to the body on localised, targeted areas such as back, shoulders, neck or calves. Allow the warming sensation to develop; an increase in temperature and high colour may appear on the surface of the skin for a short period, which is normal.

NEW Arnica & Sandalwood Hand & Foot Rescue 100ml

This lightweight, aromatic Hand & Foot Cream is enriched with Arnica and Magnesium, to help ease fatigue and tension on our most hard-working areas, the hands and feet. The nourishing formula absorbs easily to restore moisture, whilst soothing Lavender Essential Oil and notes of Sandalwood calm the mind and leave skin beautifully fragranced. Can be used as often as required.

A truly captivating, deep and woody aroma opening with a warm infusion of elemi and captivating spices of saffron, nutmeg and ginger. The woody notes are contrasted by cool citrus hints of bergamot and grapefruit. The heart of geranium, jasmine and gardenia florals provide an element of sophisticated depth. The luxuriously smooth base of vetivert, cashmere with sandalwood and amber, creates an intriguing and distinctive trail.

Why you need this Collection this Winter…

The Arnica collection has proven to be one of our best-selling and most loved collections. Therefore, we have elevated the power of Arnica by adding a little more sophistication and powerful ingredients into the formulations. We have sourced complimentary extracts, precious oils and spices which have been specifically chosen to target four areas…

  1. The body is relieved of tension and strain
  2. The mind is calmed from stress
  3. Spirit is lifted
  4. Skin feels soft and cared for

Elevating Arnica: The Key Ingredients

Arnica Montana Flower Extract: Arnica is a traditional herbal therapy with exceptional relieving properties, used to help alleviate muscle tension. Arnica also has well-being benefits and is often used in homoeopathy to restore emotional balance and a sense of tranquillity.

Sandalwood Extract: Due to its amazing aroma, Sandalwood can influence well-being by helping to lift the mood, calm the mind and enhance mental clarity. Sandalwood extract also helps to balance and calm the skin.

Turmeric: Known as the ‘Golden Spice’ Turmeric has been used for medicinal purposes, in India, for centuries. Turmeric works with Arnica to help relax and release muscle tension, whilst soothing and calming the skin.

Magnesium: This deeply soothing mineral helps to replenish skin with essential minerals while aiding the restoration of suppleness and moisture to help soothe irritation.

Wintergreen: Helping to reduce built-up tension in the underlying tissue, Wintergreen is a popular ingredient used for those with an active lifestyle.

SBCs winter wellness routine:

Follow these steps for our favourite winter wellness routine, to keep your mind and body calm and comfortable during these long cold months.

1. Draw yourself a warm bath and pour in the Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak. Lie back, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let the extracts do their work on your mind and body, relieving any tension

2. Set the scene – make your bath even more of an escape, by lighting a few of your favourite scented candles, then slowly sip a herbal tea to help you switch off.

3. Soothe and hydrate – after your bath, smooth over the Arnica Moisturising Gel. It adds hydration to winter skin, but also soothes skin and body to keep you feeling comforted and smooth.

4. Keep your mind and body healthy! Stay healthy through the winter by nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods and staying active to keep your spirit lifted. Many of us have incorporated fitness regimes into our lives this year and we should keep them up through the winter.

5. Work on areas of tension with the Targeted Thermal Rub. If you notice any areas of tension caused by exercise or overexertion, this rub will help soothe discomfort. It works by instantly warming the area, increasing blood circulation to soothe and reduce discomfort.

6. The Hand & Foot Rescue provides luxurious, aromatic care for our most hard-working body parts. This comforting cream conditions and cares for your skin, whilst its delicate aroma calms your mind throughout the day. Apply a generous layer to your hands and feet, in the evening, for a more intensive treatment.

Remember, QVC is the only place to purchase these supersize litre SBC products, so don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity.
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