SBC’s NEW Luxurious Hand Sanitiser

We now live in a time when we need a luxurious hand sanitiser in our lives. It wasn’t long ago that hand sanitisers were only considered for camping trips, long journeys and visits to the doctor and hospitals. But they have swiftly become an everyday essential on shopping lists, in pockets and in our bags.

Traditionally, we haven’t associated hand sanitisers with luxury. They don’t tend to be experience or ingredient-led, instead, they follow a more functional or basic path. They may contain the necessary 60% alcohol, but this can leave hands dry and irritated.

Turning a new essential into a luxury

At SBC, we wanted to elevate the standard hand sanitiser and introduce the invigorating aromas we are known for. Our SBC Chemists have worked hard to turn, what is now, an everyday essential product, into one which helps boost your mood and makes sure your hands are left soft and cared for.

Our NEW Luxurious Hand Sanitiser!

Available in 300ml, and a handy, 100ml. The new Lemon Myrtle & Thyme Hand Cleansing Gel is formulated with 62.4% alcohol, 99% naturally derived ingredients and 100% natural fragrance. It’s fresh and zesty scent stems from the vibrant essential oils of Lemon Myrtle, Thyme and Lemon. The oils come together in an exhilarating zesty burst to lift your senses.

Our Lemon Myrtle Oil derives from the leaves of the Australian Backhousia Citriodoria tree and provides soothing benefits and an uplifting aroma. Lemon Myrtle Oil blends with antioxidant-rich Thyme and Lemon Peel Oils to refresh and revitalise your hands, ensuring you will enjoy using the Cleansing Gel day after day.

To care for hard-working hands, this luxurious hand sanitiser includes rich and nutritious Macadamia Oil, which works with Glycerin to hydrate, smooth and keep hands soft. It truly does turn an essential into a luxury

Ideal to keep with you every day!

Keep this uplifting and luxurious hand sanitiser with you wherever you go. It is ideal for commuting, days out, travelling, going to the gym, shopping and whenever you can’t access full washing facilities.

The timeless aroma is perfect for any season, any age and for everyone. The whole family can benefit from this essential formula, so pop one in the children’s school bags when they return in September.

Lemon Myrtle & Thyme Hand Cleansing Gel will be available in both a 300ml and 100ml flip-top bottle. The smaller size is ideal for keeping with you wherever you go and when access to full washing facilities isn’t possible. It is ideal for commuting, days out, travelling, going to the gym, shopping and popping into children’s school bags. The 300ml version is great for home and the office. It can also be used to top up the 100ml when it runs low.

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    Will this be available in a twin pack.

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