SBC Skincare’s Guide to Sustainable Gifting

Everyone loves to spoil their loved ones at Christmas, but gifting is a big contributor when it comes to waste. And it got us thinking… how can SBC Skincare help contribute to a more eco-friendly Christmas?

As a skincare brand, we recognise our environmental impact and strive to reduce this wherever possible. From packaging to our own carbon footprint. A benefit of manufacturing SBC Skincare products in-house is that our products are made to order. Plus, we manufacture in small batches to minimise waste – this includes our Christmas gift sets.

If you haven’t met this year’s Christmas Gift Set selection yet, we suggest you go and have a mooch shortly. But first, allow us to explain how we have managed to achieve our most sustainable Christmas yet. We have been busy shopping around for sustainable packaging and improving our own product packaging. To be sure everything can be reused, recycled or come in re-gifting packaging.

Gifts that Give Back

The Gift Boxes…

We have six fabulous gift sets which come in a very chic sustainable gift box. The box has been made using recycled paper, is recyclable itself, (simply cut the magnet out first) and is eco-friendly…


These neutral boxes have a very ‘boho feel’ to them, so they can be easily reused and repurposed in your home. Here are some little ideas….

  • Living room – for candles, tea lights, coasters or remote controls
  • Kitchen – tea/coffee packet display, cleaning product organiser
  • Bedroom –  draw tidies to separate your garments. Or pop on your dressing table for your make-up, hair accessories
  • Office – keep your work area tidy and organised, pop in your pens, note pads or sticky notes.
  • Craft Room – greeting cards, ribbon storage, photo storage.
  • Children’s Room – small toys, pencil and crayon box, arts & crafts – they can even enjoy decorating their own boxes too

(Decorating isn’t just for the kiddies… You can also decorate them to complement your décor)

Botanical Tissue Paper

The beauty of our tissue paper is that we haven’t compromised on style or quality but have still taken the environment into account. It has been sourced from sustainable resources and is FSC certified. The beautiful botanical patterns are printed with water or vegetable-based inks and is 100% recyclable and compostable.

You can pop it straight into the recyclable bin once you’ve unwrapped your presents. However, there may be ways to give it a new lease of life (unless of course, you tend to rip your presents open – no judgement here)…

Re-Wrap Your Gifts!

In the UK, we throw away approximately 83 square km of wrapping paper every single year. Thick gift-wrapping paper is rich with ink and fibres that are not recyclable. Wherever possible, collect our botanical tissue paper and you can use it to wrap a gift or scrunch the tissue paper to hide the gift in a bag.

Create A Recycled Garland!

Okay, we are getting a little creative now…

How about a garland, they can be used for so many occasions and are a fantastic way to keep the cost of your celebrations down…

  1. Simply flatten out the tissue paper and fold it in half lengthways and then width ways.
  2. Cut towards the fold in approximately 2cm strips, leaving a couple of centimetres at the edge.
  3. Unfold the paper and lay out all the strips then gently roll from one edge to the other keeping the strips untangled.
  4. Once rolled twist in the middle to keep it tight and in place, create a loop to go round some string. Tie in a knot or use some glue to keep it in place


All you need is a one-inch circle punch or a shaped craft punch from your local craft shop and your tissue paper and there you have delicate tissue paper confetti. For slightly heavier confetti – try our colourful box sleeves. Each gift set comes with a different colour box sleeve to suit the beautiful products inside.

Recyclable Box Sleeves

We discovered a local company here in East Anglia, who put together our colourful SBC Skincare box sleeves. Which was perfect as it helps reduce our carbon footprint, we love working with local companies whenever possible.

As well as confetti, we have made some beautiful little Christmas decorations with our box sleeves. What do you think of our botanical snowflakes…?

Shredded Paper

Even the shredded paper has been considered – although there isn’t a great deal you can do with this, other than use it the same way we have in gifts. It’s always good to know that the shredded paper is made from 100% recycled materials, is recyclable, biodegradable and ISO, FSC, or PEFC certified!

Cotton Gift Bags

Our Bath & Shower and Hand Care Gift Sets come in beautiful organic cotton bags…

The cute, reusable eco-friendly organic cotton bags are created using renewable materials, are recyclable and certified by the Soil Association. They use eco-friendly azo-free/lead-free dyes to colour cotton material, and eco-friendly water-based lead-free inks to print designs on the bags.

Again, we wanted something you could use again and they are ideal to keep and reuse for storing toiletries, makeup, great for taking on holiday. You could also keep it in your gym bag, use it for hair ties, grips or a chic makeup bag or for your favourite SBC Skincare products.

SBC Skincare Product Packaging…

With regards to SBC Skincare’s product packaging in our Christmas sets, we are striving to find the best solutions to be more sustainable and as eco-friendly as possible. Our packaging is minimal by design and we are conscious to avoid waste to reduce our impact on the planet.

In all cases be sure to double-check with your local recycling but as it stands (September 2021)

  • All standard 100ml-500ml bottles: Currently minimum 10% PCR packaging, we are starting to move on to minimum 30%, in 100ml, 300ml and 500ml bottles. All bottles and taupe disc caps are recyclable – simply give them a wash, leave the disc cap on and no need to remove the label. Dispose of pump or chrome disc caps separately.
  • All Jars: All jars and plain taupe lids are recyclable. Wash first and no need to remove the label. Dispose of chrome lids, or taupe lids with botanical flag separately.
  • Airless packaging: All white and frosted bottles are recyclable. However, do not recycle if they require to be washed. Please dispose of bottles with chrome and clear plastic separately.
  • Tubes: Tubes are recyclable, but also may need to be washed. Simply cut them open to rinse them out before recycling.


Our aim is to be 100% recyclable by 2025 – we are getting there!

Have a wonderful (eco-friendly) Christmas! SHOP NOW

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