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SBC Skincare’s Brand Refresh


To celebrate 30 Years of British Skincare, we are bringing you a refreshed look to enhance our core values of our heritage, results, luxury and sustainability.

When it came to refreshing SBC, it was important to retain the identity that’s made our products so special, whilst representing the ongoing development and innovation of our brand. As part of the ‘refresh’, we improved different elements of SBC: elegance and sustainability in our packaging; intelligence and innovation in our products and a focus on well-being in our skincare rituals.

We have worked hard to ‘up our game’ with our results-driven and problem-solving skincare, and we wanted to reflect that with our identity, from the brand name to our packaging. So, SBC Gels has become SBC Skincare. Don’t worry, our beloved Gels are not going anywhere, we simply felt ‘Skincare’ reflects who we are as a brand and our wide product range.

The Refreshed Look…

The new look is more of a refresh than a complete transformation, which is why we are referring to this as a ‘Brand Refresh’, as opposed to a ‘Rebrand’. We have kept our transparent bottles and made sure you can still see the product colours that give us our identity, whilst incorporating a sleeker design that gets our key messages across. Some of our product names have changed, but never fear, the products themselves remain the same formulas you know and love. Our ethos is simply moving with the times, embracing our heritage and respecting environmental change.

The Evolution of SBC Skincare’s Hero Hydra-Collagen Moisturising Gel

We remain an ingredient-led skincare brand. Every product is clearly labelled to credit these ingredients, shown above key words on the front of our jars and bottles to portray the experience or results of each product. There are a further three words on the back, to understand the product’s function – clarifying who the products are made for, their use and benefits. Making our extensive range more user-friendly.

Regarding our British heritage, SBC has adopted its own botanical take on the Union Flag, adding immediate prestige and elegance to the refreshed look. SBC Skincare’s new colour is purple, the colour of royalty. Purple provides a sense of luxury, intrigue and vision. With this new brand colour, we aim to evoke feelings of thoughtfulness, spirituality and prestige.

The New Botanical Flag

We’ve enhanced our packaging; not only making it more elegant but achieving our long-term goal towards 100% recyclability in 2025. SBC’s luxurious new look simply emphasises our values with beautiful bathroom appeal, effective ingredients and sophisticated fragrances.

Phasing in the Change

Our brand refresh isn’t something that can happen overnight. As a small, family-run skincare brand, we do everything in-house in order to have full control of our product manufacturing. Many of our products are made to order and produced in small batches, so we rarely have product sitting in our warehouse long before being despatched. To minimise waste and to coincide with our eco-friendly ethos, we are unable to roll out our new look in its entirety right away. We have plenty of packaging to utilise before we bring in the refreshed look across all products.

So, please don’t think you are receiving an old product – the products are never ‘old’ if you don’t see the new packaging straight away. This way we reduce wastage and continue our journey to becoming a sustainable brand, decreasing our environmental impact.

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