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Goodness knows that your skin is a real trooper! It protects us from impact, micro-organisms, and chemicals, it regulates temperature and fluid balance and due to the extensive network of nerve cells, it is also responsible for sensation. It truly is an amazing piece of engineering. However, there are times when your skin may be compromised and showing signs of stress. It may look or feel unhealthy and it is important that we use skincare with specific ingredients that support the skin’s function and health.

SBC Skincare is delighted to reveal the 4-Piece Ultimate Propolis Collection, which harnesses complex hive extracts renowned for supporting skin that may be in crisis and help to maintain good skin health. Think of it as your family’s skin SOS.

For an unmissable price, you will get…

1 Litre Manuka Honey & Quince Body Wash

An exciting new product for you to try, blending nourishing Manuka Honey with vibrant, yet skin soothing, Quince!

Stressed skin required you to go back to basics with your regime, and that means looking at the formulas that you use to cleanse your delicate skin.  It matters… it really matters, just because a formula is a wash off, it still has a significant effect on your skin and if you’re getting it wrong, especially if you have compromised skin, you will soon know about it. 

The thing is, to get cleansing right for this skin type, it often means that you give up any hope of luxury or pleasure. Well we, at SBC, are just not having it.

We selected Quince to partner with Manuka Honey as it is full of hydroxy acids such as potassium, calcium, iron and vitamins B, A and C, to provide extra care and nourishment for your skin. SBC’s Manuka Honey has a UMF of 10+ and comes from licensed New Zealand producers. The stamp of authentication on every bottle gives you the confidence to know that it has unique properties to support skin that may be compromised or stressed.

Indulge in the aroma of ripe juicy pear and sweet honey, which is captured in this creamy, luxurious body wash.  A beautiful fruity, floral fusion that helps to fortify the skin’s natural protective layer and restoring moisture.

Find out more about this new collection here

1 Litre of the Propolis Moisturising Gel

This skin salvation has rapidly developed a reputation as a Hero in the SBC Skincare Collections. Propolis is a precious and powerful compound that is created by the bees in the hive. The bees collect sap from trees and botanicals and mix with heir own enzymes to create this waxy resin that they put into vulnerable small cracks and entrances to the hive. Its function is to protect the hive and to inhibit bacterial and fungal growth. With a high concentration of flavonoids, minerals, and vitamins it has been used for centuries to support skin that needs the right environment to repair and regenerate.

This tiny and precious extract has been locked into an exceptional 1 Litre supersize. It is water-based, which means no oil or grease, making it lightweight and compatible with any skin type and can be used on the face and body.

Use it on flaky, irritable skin that may be reactive and prone to breakouts and signs of stress.  Maybe it’s your scalp, the congestion on the T-zone, also great to use on cracked heels and around the nail beds.

Discover more about the power of the special ingredients from the hive; Propolis, Manuka Honey and Honey here…

Propolis Body Butter

Well, it was about time, wasn’t it?

Here’s a perfect example of those with stressed skin deserving every bit of luxury. Deeply moisturising, this indulgent Body Butter nurtures the most delicate skin with added Safflower oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

A delicate aroma of golden wild honey with soft white jasmine, rose petals and warm base of frankincense and amber which will leave you feeling every bit the Queen Bee.

Propolis & Safflower Intensive Hand & Foot Cream

Hard-working hands and feet are often at the very front of any damage and stress that life throws at you. Cuticles, heels, knuckles, and toes may not be the most glamorous conversation but that’s why we’re here, isn’t it?  To take care of the bits that may be a challenge and whilst they may not always be the most beautiful parts of us, there’s absolutely no reason why they should be uncomfortable.

Our intensive formula completes this collection with precious propolis extracts and enriched with Safflower oils. Let us take care of the little problems that can make a big difference to your everyday skincare.

Join me at 9pm on Tuesday the 11th of February, and throughout Wednesday the 12th, to learn a little more about why you need this collection in your skincare regime. Item No. 240990.

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