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SBC Christmas Gifts For Him

Finding Christmas gifts ‘for him’ just got a little easier…

SBC Skincare is an inclusive brand. We aim to create products that will be enjoyed by everyone; men, women and the whole family, from all walks of life. Although we feel all our Christmas gift sets would be appreciated by everyone (even the ones with the prettiest of bows!), we have put together some of our favourite gifts including products we know so many men appreciate and enjoy.

Our SBC men’s Christmas gift shop is open for business…

Energise Gift Set

Men’s skin tends to be a tad oiler than women’s. Therefore the Salicylic Body Wash in our ‘Energise’ gift set is perfect. Enjoy the refreshing aroma, whilst the deep cleansing formula cleans deep down into the pores, keeping skin clear, smooth and refreshed! With Salicylic Acid, this body wash is an effective exfoliant, removing dirt, oil and dead skin, ensuring new skin cells can thrive. It supports blemish-prone skin, helping it look more even-toned and smooth.

I.C.E Gel – ‘Intense – Cool – Energise’ – provides rapid cooling relief for areas of tension and fatigue on the body. SBC’s I.C.E Gel works alongside a fitness regime, providing an ideal post-workout recovery. Especially beneficial after strenuous activity on targeted areas, such as shoulders, back or neck. The I.C.E Gel is the ultimate gym-goers companion.

Energise Gift Set
Recover Gift Set

Recover Gift Set

Loved by all – Arnica! This ‘Recover’ gift set is so-called as it features the Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak, Arnica Moisturising Gel and the Intensive Arnica Gel.

The deeply relaxing soak is blended to help ease tension. It assists in warming and soothing the body. It’s a key product, that many of our male customers quickly fell in love with. It can be used in the shower, as well as the bath, and effectively comforts the mind and the body with its deep, truly sophisticated, aroma, which lingers on the skin.

Along with a handy 100ml of our Award-Winning Arnica Moisturising Gel, this gift set includes the Intensive Arnica Gel. It stimulates, soothes and warms the skin. Think of it as the Arnica Moisturising Gel’s more intensive big brother. It has the ideal texture for massage. This is key to relieve muscle tension, inflammation, aches and stiffness, as massage increases circulation to warm muscles, comforting and alleviating tensions.

Escape Gift Set

We are not ashamed to say this 2020 launch is one of our favourite scents! The Sea Minerals & Blue Algae collection is infused with an invigorating aroma, like a fresh cologne, leaving the scent of a summer breeze on the skin.

The Body Wash, Moisturising Gel and Body Butter are enriched with powerful ingredients to invigorate sluggish skin in need of a pick me up. They help to strengthen the skin with minerals and extracts from the ocean, to help detoxify and purify, leaving skin feeling rejuvenated.

This ritual will help clear your mind, like a deep breath of fresh air. Ideal to get you energized for the day! Developed for those who love outdoor freshness and memories of days by the sea.

Escape Gift Set
Refresh Gift Set

Refresh Gift Set

Is he into his skincare? Or are you trying to get him into skincare?

Amp up your fella’s skincare routine with this Refresh gift set. More and more men become interested in skincare each year, taking more pride in looking after themselves. This vegan-friendly set forms the perfect full skincare regime, starting with the Green Tea & Ginkgo Biloba Toning Gel Cleanser. With the addition of the balancing and perfecting Green Caviar Collection, this set will tackle dryness, dullness and fine lines, keeping skin healthy and vibrant – so he is ready to face the day.

Hand Care Gift Sets

Perhaps he’s a gentleman gardener, dab in the kitchen, or a DIYer? So why not treat him to one of our hand care gifts to keep his hands in tip-top shape.

Condition & Care
Repair & Protect

Condition & Care Gift Set

The comforting Calendula & Macadamia Hand Wash transforms into a rich lather to deeply cleanse, soften skin and leave hands with a subtle, warming aroma. 

The vegan-friendly Calendula & Macadamia Renewing Hand Cream is ideal for those with skin in need of a little extra TLC. The rich formula will deeply moisturise, leaving skin smooth and healthy-looking, leaving no cracks in sight.

Repair & Protect Gift Set

All hail Propolis! The nurturing Propolis Hand Wash deep cleanses and hydrates hands to leave them soft and smooth, with a delicate scent of honey.

The Propolis & Safflower Intensive Hand & Foot Cream intensely nourishes hands and feet. Ideal for those with dry, cracked and sensitive skin, the powerful formula quickly gets to work to soften and protect the skin.

Finding gifts for him has never been easier at SBC.
These Gift Sets are no longer available. Shop our latest Gift Sets here

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