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Post-Workout Gift Sets – Energise & Recover

SBC’s Christmas gifts to impress your active loved ones.

2020 has changed the way many of us exercise, with many people seeing this year as an opportunity to up their workout game. 2021 is likely to see us continuing these trends a while longer. So if that sounds like you, or someone you love, we may have the perfect gift set.

Buying fitness-related gifts, for exercise junkies, runners or yogis, for example, can sometimes be tricky because they often know what they need, and in most cases already have it. They may have the best gadgets or activewear – but do they know how to revive and restore their mind and bodies post-workout? Or to offer effective relief for those tired and aching muscles, to make sure they are always performing their best?

See, SBC really does have something for everyone…


This ‘Energise’ gift set features two expertly engineered products, ideal for those who can’t go a day without breaking a sweat. Known as the ‘High-Performance Experience’ – for those who have performed their best in a workout and want high-performance products to refresh and energise them post-workout. Give the gift of ultimate freshness and relief with this gift set, featuring two products new to SBC in 2020…

  • The Salicylic Body Wash deeply cleanses, leaving skin clear, refreshed and smooth. Ideal after a workout as the Salicylic Acid keeps pores clear of impurities. Blended with an AHA blend of Papaya, Apple, Pineapple and Sweet Orange, it helps break down dead skin cells, for even, healthy-looking skin.


  • They will appreciate this fast-acting, targeted I.C.E Gel to promote recovery after an intense workout. The instant cooling effects of Camphor and Menthol soothes and revives muscles, whilst Epsom Salts and Wintergreen help to alleviate tension. It is an instant refresher, perfect for tired legs and muscle tension, especially on the knees, shoulders and back.

Who is this gift set for?

With its refreshing aroma, this is suitable for him and for her. Maybe something for your son, or brother, ideal if they enjoy a good workout – the perfect size for popping into a gym bag. They will certainly get the most out of their fitness session, and their skincare!


Arnica is an SBC best seller due to its many benefits, specifically, it’s soothing effects on the mind, and body! It’s no secret that muscles become a little tender after a workout. This ‘Recover’ gift set will help ease areas of tension in no time, whilst relaxing a busy mind – win-win!

  • This luxe, aromatic Arnica & Sandalwood Muscle Soak contains the perfect blend to help relieve mental and physical tension. It blends Arnica and Turmeric essential oils, with sensual Sandalwood. Lie back, relax and enjoy the deep, warming aroma.


  • The Intensive Arnica Gel is a deeply soothing, gently warming gel, with a high concentration of Arnica extract. The rich texture creates the perfect massage medium. Massage increases circulation and warms muscles to comfort and alleviate tension within them.


  • The multi-award-winning Arnica Moisturising Gel, is a light-textured, non-sticky, water-based gel which absorbs effortlessly into the skin. It helps soothe areas of tension and discomfort. It can also be stored in the fridge for refreshing, cooling applications, which can be applied as often as desired.

Who is this gift set for?

Another gift set suitable for him and her, especially those more active friends and relatives. Ideal to get your husband or brother into SBC.

These Gift Sets are no longer available. Shop our latest Gift Sets here

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