Hurrah for Honey

National Honey Week 2015

Here at SBC we love Honey, one of nature’s most pure and beneficial ingredients, and this week it’s National Honey Week. Running from the 25th to the 31st of October, National Honey Week is a celebration of bees and honey!

Bees are quite incredible and apart from our love to eat Honey, its skincare benefits are astounding. So much so, we created a Honey Collection, featuring the Honey & Oats Bath & shower Crème and the newly launched Honey & Cedarwood Bath & Shower Crème.

Using honey on the skin, is a must, regardless of your skin concern, it suits all skin types and contains minerals, amino-acids and antioxidants, which will not only lock moisture into the skin and keep it free from bacteria, it will even out skin texture and tone, making it look radiant and healthy!

Click here for further details on our new Honey Collection

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