New Year Same You ! #simplybeyou

Christmas is over and 2019 is here, which can only mean one thing, articles and social media feeds flooded with ‘New Year’s resolutions’ – plans to stop procrastinating or to lose weight are often top of the list, as is turning vegan for a month.

Here at SBC, we don’t want to encourage people to make lists of resolutions, this year why not just be you! We say ‘New Year Same You’  is the best 2019 motto.

New Year Same You

Instead of unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, use the arrival of the New Year to spur yourself into action to simply make a few positive changes…

  1. Set your Targets

We’re talking about self-confidence and what will make a real difference to your happiness and wellbeing. Make time for some me-time in your routine, visit relatives more often, or enjoy a better work-life balance. Try to record your progress so you can see how you’re doing, and most importantly, how you’re feeling.

  1. Think beyond Fitness

Take a close look at your life and have a real think about what you’d like to change… are you happy? If not, what needs to change to help you get there? From the bigger things, do you need a new job? To the smaller things, do you need to spend less time procrastinating on social media? Make sure your goals focus on reducing or managing stress in your life, it may of course be fitness related – walk or cycle more, run a marathon or a sponsored 5K event. Stay determined though, talk to others about your goals, or rope others along with you for support and motivation.

  1. Make Time for the things you Love

It could be anything – gardening, watching films, having a bath, going out to dinner, or spending time with friends. Schedule these into your weekly routine the same way that you would make time for work or regular exercise.

  1. Nourish from the Inside

The festive season has come to an end and now it is time to look after number one, you. We all over-indulge over Christmas, and that’s ok, it is what Christmas is for. Now, we don’t want to use the term ‘diet’ but altering what you eat can help make you feel healthier and happier very quickly. Limit junk food, think sugar and processed food and replace with fresh, homemade meals. The better quality you put in, the better the results you will get out.

  1. Self-Love

Don’t even think about what others may think of you – you need to learn to love yourself. We are our own worst enemy at times and what good do we get out of it? In 2019 let’s make a change – be more positive, have you time, chill with friends, drink more & enjoy life – You only get one shot!

  1. Enjoy Life

Now, run yourself a nice bath and chill with a glass of something sparkly, or go for a stroll, walk, run or gym whatever suits you and start planning your amazing year.

There is no better time than the present! Just remember to focus on you. Check out our January Special Offers  that will help you focus on you >>>

Girls…Bring on your Happy New Year



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