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New Year – New Goals with SBC Skincare

New Year Resolutions can often seem cliché, but a new year marks the perfect opportunity to set new goals and create new habits. Which may not only benefit you, but your family, and the world around you! Setting new goals for a new year helps us start in the right direction, SBC Skincare is entering January with three key goals in mind…

1. Veganuary – discover a vegan skincare routine!

Veganuary is the ideal way to kick start 2022 with good intentions! Opting for a more vegan-friendly lifestyle can give your health a boost, and can also benefit the environment. Most of our skincare is suitable for vegans, but to save you browsing through our ingredients we have made life a little easier. Shop all our vegan skincare HERE!

2. Move your body and feel amazing!

We have all over-indulged over the past few weeks, and it is nothing to feel ashamed of! However, it does lead to us feeling sluggish – moving your body is the simple way to help you feel and look better! Don’t worry, we are not talking about attending a 7 am spin class every morning (if you can do that, we applaud you). We mean a long walk in the fresh air, blitz the house, do some yoga, lift some weights, whatever helps you feel good. As long as you are moving – you’re winning! Head over to our Arnica range HERE, to see how this comforting collection can help!


3. Look after our planet – be a sustainable skincare brand!

Last year we saw our bottles jump from 10% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic) to 30%, with our litre bottles now being 100% PCR. Our bottles, jars, and tubes are constantly being researched and improved in an attempt to make everything recyclable. Also, we were proud of our most sustainable Christmas yet, with a range of gift sets packaged in reusable and recyclable packaging for 2021.

Follow our journey this year to see the positive changes we make to become a more sustainable skincare brand

So, let’s make 2022 a healthy, happy, and fun-filled year! We would love to hear from you too – what are your goals for 2022?


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