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The Journey of a Skincare Novice | My Skincare Overhaul with the Help of SBC

I have a confession to make…


Before working for SBC I paid little attention to my skincare routine. I regularly went to bed with my makeup on, I always decided I was too tired to stand in front of the mirror for an extra five minutes taking it all off. I never, ever double cleansed (I didn’t even know it was a thing!). I moisturised occasionally, but even with the best of intentions, it never became a permanent part of my morning (or evening) routine.  Serums, to me, sounded expensive and faffy, and I’m sure, like many of you, life can be faffy enough without adding something extra to the mix. I wasn’t even sure what type of skin I had, my answer to everyone was that ‘it’s just skin’!


But I then began working at SBC, and my eyes were opened to a world of skincare possibilities that I hadn’t ever paid attention to before. The thing I instantly loved about SBC’s products was that there is something to suit everyone. Whether you have oily, dry or sensitive skin, whether you’re vegan or vegetarian, or whether you just love the smell of Coconuts. SBC have something that will be perfect for you. With an ever-growing, and endlessly diverse range of products, that aren’t tested on animals, it was a brand I could get behind 110%.


Thus, began my skincare overhaul thanks to SBC.


I started off by revamping my non-existent cleansing routine. With 4 amazing cleansers to choose from, I needed to decide which one would be most suitable for my ‘normal’ skin type so I took the time to try them all. As well as choosing the right cleanser for your skin type, I also think everyone has a personal preference on the type of cleanser they like to use. The All Skins 3-in-1 Cleanser smells fresh and fragrant and is a facial cleanser and toner. I do love the Collagen 3-in-1 Cleanser which has become one of my favourites – it smells luxurious, its creamy consistency removes my makeup beautifully and my skin loved it too. Whichever cleanser you choose make sure you grab yourself an SBC Skin Shammy, a revolutionary face cloth, that’s not only a brilliant addition to your cleansing routine, it is also good for the environment as it can be washed again and again! #saynotofacewipes


Next, I began to get excited about exfoliating. I know a strange thing to get excited about, but there is something intensely satisfying about exfoliating your face, the way your skin feels afterwards makes you instantly happy. The All Skins Face Polish will forever be part of my skincare routine, I use it a couple of times a week after cleansing (never before, otherwise you’ll just be scrubbing dirt into your skin, and no one wants that).


Next, I needed to up my moisturiser game. SBC have so many amazing moisturisers to choose from that I had my work cut out to find the one that was right for me. The dilemma I had was whether I wanted to use a skincare gel as a moisturiser or a thicker moisturiser cream such as the Cotton Day & Night Cream or the indulgent Collagen Ultra-Rich Cream. I decided to use both, if I was going to do this, I was going to do it properly. I regularly switch between the Vitamin C Skincare Gel, Collagen Skincare Gel and the Vitamin E Skincare Gel, it depends on my mood and how my skin is looking and feeling as to which one I choose to use each day, and sometimes I will use more than one, for maximum impact. After the gel I like to apply the Cotton Day & Night Cream, it’s light, subtly fragrant and sinks beautifully into my skin.


Then I got serious about serums. I was well and truly invested in my skincare journey, so the next logical step to take was to add a serum to my routine. I love the Collagen Hydra-Gel Serum, old habits die hard, and I must admit I don’t use it every day, though I know that for the best results I really should, when I do remember to use it I feel as though my skin is being given an extra shot of hydration.


I’ve been working at SBC for a year and a half now and in that time, I have not just transformed my skincare routine, but also my skin. It’s amazing to see the impact that a few small changes can make, and even I’m surprised how little of my day is really taken up by it. I know people who love to spend lengthy amounts of time on their skincare routine, and that’s fine, but I will always be one of those people who doesn’t have the patience for that type of commitment, and thanks to the products I have started to use, I know my skin isn’t missing out because of my haste.


If you’re new to SBC I thoroughly recommend that you buy the Simply Cleanse Kit, it includes 3 x 100ml Cleansers (Collagen 3-in-1, All Skins and Sage & Lemon) giving you the chance to sample them all and decided which one (or three) is for you. It also comes with an SBC Shammy and comes with a very useful SBC Cosmetic Bag. All of this for a mere £20.00  Shop Now >>>


However, if you’re after a more substantial skincare kit, then take a look at our NEW September Skincare Kit, featuring 4 wonderful skincare products and an SBC Skin Shammy all yours for £40 (RRP £89)  Shop Now >>>



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