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My Skincare Advice to My Teenage Self

| By Lianne, SBC PR Executive |


So, I have never been blessed with perfect skin, maybe between the ages of 0-13, but once I was into those teenage years it all started to go a bit downhill. Oily, dehydrated skin, with regular breakouts on my face, chest and back – I had it all – and yes, it was tough!

If you struggle with similar skin, you will know how difficult it is to get problematic skin under control. As a teen I tried everything to achieve a glowing complexion, from toothpaste to dabbing perfume on my skin to dry up spots and oil – shocking I know!

Since working for SBC I have learnt so much about skincare, and what ingredients can help with what skin types and concerns, and I can safely say, I am finally happy with my skin.

If I could go back to my teenage self, I would have a lot to say! Here are some vital pieces of advice I wish I could go back and tell her…


  1. Find the right skincare routine!!

The first step in caring for oily skin is to assess your current skincare routine.

And yes, we will help you here – A complete and effective skincare routine now is the best step in creating a lifetime of healthy habits and preventing future skin issues. The mission is to balance the skin (not dry it out) by regulating sebum and oil production.

Go for non-comedogenic products that won’t clog pores. Avoid products that are rich or greasy as they can also lead to clogged pores. Using products with drying or harsh ingredients may make your skin feel less oily, initially, but you skin will respond by producing more oil to compensate and make matters worse!

Now here is something I wish I had known – products that make your skin tingle actually upset skin. If it was tingling and stinging a little, I assumed it was working. Turns out it wasn’t! My skin was telling me it is hurting, and couldn’t handle the harshness of the products, which of course leads to more problems, that is how I needed up with oily yet, seriously dehydrated skin – not a good combo!

  1. Cleanse… GENTLY

Use a gentle, water-soluble cleanser twice daily. Ideally, the cleanser should rinse without leaving a hint of residue and not contain drying cleansing ingredients. And no – a face wipe will not cut it!

When you cleanse your skin use a gentle cleanser that removes dirt and impurities without stripping your skin. Cleansers like SBC’s Sage & Lemon Gel Cleanser are a great secret weapon in the fight against oil. The formula infused with natural plant extracts thoroughly reduces surface oils and impurities to cleanse, re-balance, and energise the skin with a gentle foaming action.

Same goes for your body – don’t nick your Mum’s rich and creamy body wash, your skin doesn’t want that, it needs a wash that will balance and calm it, such as SBC’s new Witch Hazel & Zinc Body Wash.

Final not – after washing your face or body, gently pat dry with a clean towel. Do not rub skin, rubbing will only irritate your skin and may lead to further breakouts.

  1. Don’t scrub like crazy

I may have fell victim to this one – I would scrub my face until it felt numb, and looked red raw, why on earth would that help?!

Always use gentle products, harsh scrubs will simply irritate and aggravate skin more. However, regular ‘gentle’ exfoliation is important to ensure you are helping to rid the skin of dead skin cells and will help to unblock pores.

Try SBC’s Green Tea & Ginkgo Biloba Face Polish – a rich, botanical blend of Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea, Bilberry and Horsetail offer toning, firming and antioxidant care, while added polishing Jojoba Wax Beads and herbal Elderflower unite to lift impurities and ease away build-up.

Again, your body will benefit from regular gentle exfoliation too – massage the Lemon Myrtle & Thyme Exfoliating Body Wash for fresh, clear skin.

  1. Hydrate!

How was I to know oily skin needs to be moisturised, this made no sense!

Turns out I should have been using a lightweight, non-comedogenic moisturiser to hydrate and restore my skin, and most important, helping to regulate oil production.

No creams or thick formulas of course – choose a feather light but effective hydrating and skin-renewing gel or serum that is free of pore-clogging ingredients while giving your skin the essential antioxidants and skin-replenishing ingredients it needs to look as healthy and revived as possible. Such as the Witch Hazel & Zinc Skincare Gel – which is perfect for your face and body.

  1. Seriously, stop picking your face!

Just stop now! Avoid picking spots as this may lead to scarring and pigmentation – and these are the marks I am now trying to fade. It takes a lot longer than waiting for a spot to go down I assure you!

I don’t anymore but it takes willpower not to pick one’s face, but I dearly wish I could have back then.

  1. A tan will not heal your skin & wear SPF!!!

Why, oh why, was I convinced that the sun/sunbeds would clear up my skin. Yes, most of us feel better with a tan, but it really isn’t worth damaging your skin for! The only things sitting out in the sun achieves are wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer. Always wear sunscreen, do your research, there’s an SPF for every skin type – it is so worth applying it over your moisturiser every single day!

  1. Don’t go to sleep in makeup.

Yes, I have been there – had a fabulous night out, but as soon as I am home the first priority is to go to sleep!

Makeup can clog pores, leading to breakouts, and even increasing the size of your pores, which will get harder to tighten over time.  Not washing your makeup off can also lead to inflammation of the skin contributing to the breakdown of collagen, which will eventually make you look older.

Always, always remove your makeup before bedtime to prevent clogged pores and future breakouts. Let your skin breath at night, go to sleep with cleansed, fresh and clean skin!!



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