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Multi-Masking with SBC

When it comes to your skin, different areas of your face may have different needs.

For example, your under-eyes may be dry, your cheeks blemish-prone, and your nose oily.

So, when it comes to choosing a face mask, don’t limit yourself to using just one, try multi-masking. It’s the perfect opportunity to treat different areas with different needs at the same time and allows you to take it to the next level by creating bespoke, tailor-made treatments.

What is Multi-Masking?

Multi-masking entails using more than one face mask at the same time. The idea behind multi-masking is that instead of applying one face mask over the entirety of your face, you apply multiple face masks depending on what skin care concerns you may be dealing with in different areas.

On oily areas, you may want to consider using a mattifying face mask, while on dry areas, you may want to consider using a hydrating face mask. If you have a few face masks on hand, you can create a myriad of multi-masking combinations.

How do you Multi-Mask?

SBC has recently launched three Face Masks, all-encompassing different ingredients, to suit different skin types and skin concerns. The Witch Hazel & Zinc Purifying Mask, ideal for combination, oily, and breakout prone skin. The Cucumber Hydrating Gel Mask suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, formulated to de-puff and calm skin. Last, but certainly not least is the Collagen Radiance Mask, perfect for dry, dehydrated or mature skin types. Find out more about each mask here…

Multi-Masking Recommendations for Every Skin Type:

Oily Areas: Your T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) tends to be the oiliest, so target these with the Witch Hazel & Zinc Purifying Mask, to balance out excess oil.

Breakouts: These can appear anywhere on the face, most likely in oilier areas, or hormonal breakouts which tend to appear on the jawline. The Witch Hazel & Zinc Purifying Mask is ideal for calming breakouts and decreases the look of pores and battles blemishes using Salicylic Acid. Spot treat or apply it over areas prone to breakouts.

Fine lines, Dry, Mature Skin: The Collagen Radiance Mask is rich in Marine Collagen to infuse the skin with hydration to help plump out areas of ageing which generally appear around the eyes, mouth on the forehead. This glow-giving formula also encompasses vitamin-rich Kukui Seed Oil and exotic Passion Flower Oil to nourish your skin.

Dehydrated, Stressed, Sensitive: The driest areas tend to be raised — like the apples of your cheeks and spots with thin skin, like the lips and around the eyes. The Cucumber Hydrating Gel Mask is infused with Purified Water, refreshing Cucumber extract, moisture-boosting Vitamin A and refining Vitamin E. The cooling formula reduces puffiness and helps to retain moisture.

SBC Multi-Masking Examples…

Pink: Collagen Radiance Mask
Yellow: Witch Hazel & Zinc Purifying Mask
Green: Cucumber Hydrating Gel Mask

To multi-mask with the above face masks, apply your face masks of choice to different areas of your face, leave them on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Use these face masks 2-3 times a week for best results.


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