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Make Time For You This Spring Using Hygge & Lagom, and Let SBC Help

Spring finally feels as though it’s arrived, daffodils are blooming in many a garden across the country and the sun has once again decided to grace us with its presence. Its reappearance seems to instantly boost one’s mood and relax cold bones, that for the last few months have felt constantly tensed against the biting cold.

We decided that this April we would take a look into self-care and learning to love yourself. Two things which, here at SBC, we strongly believe in for our own personal wellness journeys.

Say Hello to Hygge

Over the past year or so the Danish lifestyle Hygge has been making an appearance everywhere. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a Danish word pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ and it’s a concept that cannot be translated into mere words, instead it incorporates ‘ a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life’.

In all honesty it covers a whole host of pastimes that we find more than acceptable; if you’ve ever stayed tucked up inside on a rainy day with a good book and a cup of tea, then you have already, according to the Danes, experienced Hygge.

One of the charming aspects of Hygge is that it encourages you to spend that quality time with yourself; the world around us today is so hectic and noisy, that it’s good to occasionally stop, breathe, look around us and appreciate the beauty of the world we live in.

For those of you have heard of Hygge, you might automatically associate it with roaring log fires, large mugs of hot chocolate and cold winter days. But, Hygge isn’t limited to just the one season, it transcends from month to month.

As winter ends, you don’t have to step down the ‘Hygge’ instead embrace the changing seasons and make use of the sun, its warmth and the natural world around you. After all ‘Hygge is about feeling comfort and joy in little moments, and it’s something we can and should try to experience all year round’. This spring you can bring this concept into your own life and here’s how we suggest you do it:

Five Ways to Hygge Your Life

Get Outside
Make sure that every day you spend some time outside. If you can spend lunch away from your desk, then do it.

Go for a walk, trust us you will feel ten times better for it and it is far more productive than spending the majority of your lunch hour trawling the web (Vitamin D is your friend and you want it in your life.).

If your days are spent at home, open your windows and doors whenever you can. Fresh air is a brilliant mood booster and is sure to lift your spirits.

Bring Nature Inside

Whether you choose a vase of fresh flowers or a quickly potted house fern, bringing nature into your home will automatically make it feel alive and give your spirits a lift too.

An added bonus is that plants are natural air purifiers, so you can be reassured that as well as looking nice, your indoor plants are also giving you cleaner air.


Reawaken your Senses

Now is the time to shake up your routine, by adding in a burst of freshness, guaranteed to awaken the senses after the coldness of winter.

If you are a lover of fresh floral scents then we highly recommend our Rose & Argan Oil collection, this classic infusion of Rose essential oils will lift your senses as your body and skin balance in perfect harmony.

On the other side of the senses spectrum we have our invigorating Lemon Myrtle and Thyme Collection, bringing together a botanical infusion of refreshing fragrances this wonderful collection is sure to give your mood an instant lift, making you feel as though summer has truly arrived.

Come Together

SBC_GELSWe don’t blame you if over the winter months you have tended to hibernate (well all do it). The thought of bracing the cold to meet up with friends, when we could instead stay indoors in the warm, in our Pyjamas is a real struggle.

But now that spring has sprung throw those excuses out of the window – pull out your summer dresses from the back of your wardrobe, throw on a cute pair of pumps and meet up with your squad.

If you like trying new things and meeting new people, it’s also a good time of year to join local groups in your area whether you like reading, dancing or drawing we can guarantee that somewhere near you there’s a group of
like-minded people who would love to have you in their midst.

From Hygge to Lagom

We move from Denmark to Sweden, to another lifestyle concept that follows a similar path as Hygge, Lagom; The Swedish Art of Living a Balanced, Happy Life.

Whereas Hygge is more of a feeling, Lagom relates to being frugal, fair and creating balance within your life; Lagom is more of an everyday way of living. However, there’s no reason why creating a sense of balance in your life using the concepts surrounding Lagom, couldn’t in turn create that feeling of Hygge in your life; in fact meaning of their ideals are the same.

We’ve taken our favourite lessons surrounding Lagom and listed them below for you, in case you fancy giving this a try:

Soothing the Soul Through Sleep

Create your pre-sleep ritual,  this can be both a physical and mental process; start with a bath, and we recommend you fill it with our Lavender & Water Lily Bath & Shower Crème, which helps to promote a restful nights sleep.  Secondly, once you’re ready for bed, put your phone down, better still, rid your bedroom of electrical devices, you don’t need distractions like that, your bedroom is predominantly for sleeping …!

Before sleeping why not dip into a good book, they offer a perfect escape from reality and the ultimate pre-sleep wind-down. Don’t forget to spray your room with our soothing Lavender & Vetiver Calming Mist , enriched with pure Lavender Essential Oil, to soothe the mind and body.

Remember to Take a Break 

Never skip lunch, ever! Your mind and body needs to recharge and lunchtime is your chance to do it. As mentioned before go for a walk or find somewhere quiet and peaceful to sit, and take a few moments for yourself, away from the demands of everyone else around you, vying for your time and attention.

Revive Your workspace

Sitting at a desk all day, has the potential to be demoralising, but there are plenty of things you can do to fix this. Add a pot plant or two to your desk, they don’t have to be big, you can get small succulents at your local garden centre that don’t require too much TLC.

Buy yourself a fabulous mug, it’s surprising the joy a good mug can have on your mood. We love the below alphabet mugs from Not on the High Street.

Boost your senses with an uplifting hand moisturiser to save your skin from the harshness of your office air-con. We love our Grapefruit & Ginger Body Butter, it’s the perfect in-work pick-me-up!


Respect Nature 

It’s something that we often take for granted, the birds singing up above and the busy hum of bees. But if we aren’t careful, then one day our ancestors will tell tales of these mythical creatures and the lives they once led. However, it’s never too late to start making a difference and this spring is the perfect time for you to start. You can feed the birds, whether you have a large garden or a small window box, you can still make a difference, bird feeders come in all shapes and sizes.

For our wonderful bees, you can either help support the local honey industry, or you can plant bee-friendly seeds (in the same garden or window box that you’re feeding the birds from), the more we help them the better.

So what does this mean for you?

Taking time for yourself is the key message that both these lifestyle ideals preach. You need to make sure that you’re taking time to focus on you, and while you’re about it, don’t forget to enjoy what’s happening around you; the great outdoors is a beautiful place to be and doesn’t cost you a penny to enjoy. Don’t let work take over your life, yes it’s important, but your wellbeing is more important. Don’t let the business of life stop you from doing what you love,  this is your life, go out and LIVE IT!




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