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Make The Most Of Your SBC Products

There are all sorts of reasons why making the most of your skincare products is a sensible choice…

  • Saving money
  • Reducing use of plastics and packaging
  • Reducing clutter in your bathroom
  • Fewer products to pack when travelling

The situation we find ourselves in right now makes it a good time to re-evaluate the products we use regularly at home. With shopping opportunities extremely limited and our finances constrained, we have explored how our own SBC Skincare range can be used for more than one purpose. We listened to feedback from our customers, chatted to our colleagues and our chemist. This is what we found…

Hand Wash Alternatives…

We have seen demand for our hand washes skyrocket. With COVID-19, we know that hand washing is one of the best ways of ridding ourselves of the virus we may pick up. Soap dissolves the fatty lipid layer of the virus making it inactive. It is then safely washed away. So, anything that can cut through this greasy substance is effective. For example, a body wash or any shower/bath products will work just as well -they may even be kinder to your skin when washing so frequently! Here are few of our favourites…

Grapefruit & Ginger Body Wash

First and foremost, we just love the uplifting citrusy aroma of vibrant grapefruit and spicy ginger. Most importantly, this vitamin-rich cleanser works into a rich lather which will leave your hands refreshed, radiant and wonderfully fragrant. Enriched with Glycerin, the hydrating formula also locks in moisturise, whilst the botanical infusion of Nettle, Elderflower and Ivy combine to revive your skin.

Jasmine & Starflower Bath & Shower Creme

A truly luxurious moisturising wash, enriched with Jasmine and Starflower essential oils to cleanse, balance and clarify both skin and mood. Starflower is rich in essential fatty acids, to soothe and moisturise your skin, while the powerful floral aroma lifts your mood. Ideal for stressed skin, which many of us are enduring at the moment.

White Tea & Charcoal Body Wash

A hidden gem – packed full of antioxidants thanks to White Tea and Herbashield® blended with deep cleansing Charcoal. This unique formula transforms from a charcoal grey gel to a white creamy lather to leave your hands thoroughly cleansed and purified of daily grime. The Glycerin-rich formula also locks in moisture to keep hands feeling comfortable.

If you have any SBC Skincare Body Wash at home, you can use this as your hand wash. They are all kind, luxurious, skin-supporting formulas. Each one is creamy and kind to your skin. So, if you find you’re out of hand wash, please substitute one of these instead.

Hand Cream Alternatives…

With all that hand washing, you’ll need to moisturise as you’ll be stripping the skin of its natural protection. Our hand creams are perfect, but you might be interested to learn that you can use our body butters too. All the SBC Body Butters are enriched with Shea Butter. Naturally rich in vitamins and fatty acids, Shea Butter is incredibly moisturising and highly nourishing for the skin. It protects skin’s natural oils and stimulates collagen production to keep the skin supple, nourished and radiant.

Which one to choose? Here are a couple of our recommendations for hands needing a little extra TLC…

Propolis Body Butter

Hands feeling a little dry and irritated? This intensely moisturising and nurturing body butter is infused with nourishing ingredients to calm and care for the skin, whilst protecting from any dryness or cracking. Rich in our nurturing Propolis extract (of course), and also blended with Royal Jelly, Safflower Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Glycerin and Vitamin E. The body butter is gentle enough for all skin types, but specially formulated to relieve sensitive, dry, flaky and irritated skin.

Coconut & Plumeria 24-Hour Body Butter

Looking forward to warmer days? Bring forward the scent of summer with this exotic body butter. The velvety smooth butter will deeply moisturise your hands with the infusion of Coconut Oil, Plumeria, nourishing Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Glycerin. You’ll also be pleased to learn that it is dermatologically tested to moisturise for 24 hours!

Aloe Vera Body Butter

Who can fault the benefits of soothing Aloe Vera? This body butter is also blended with cooling Cucumber and nourishing Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E for silky soft, smooth skin. The easily absorbed, light-textured product provides nourishment to chapped, dry skin, whilst calming irritated skin.

We know things may seem uncertain at the moment, so we are putting our body washes and body butters into our ‘Spring Clean Sale’. Shop for your essentials here…

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