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Introducing SBC’s New Luxurious, Anti-ageing Hand & Foot Cream Enriched with Marine Collagen


SBC’s New Hydra-Collagen Replenishing Hand & Foot Cream will not only nourish thirsty skin but also target signs of ageing whilst replenishing the skin on both hardworking hands and feet.
Created to target excess dryness, this anti-ageing hand cream is formulated to keep skin, nails and cuticles soft, smooth and healthy. Ideal for anyone with mature, dry, dull or dehydrated skin who is after an ultra-nourishing, restoring and luxurious anti-ageing hand and foot cream.


sbc skincare hydra-collagen anti-ageing hand and foot cream

What’s in it?

This luxurious formula is enriched with our superior Marine Collagen which can naturally condition the skin and maintain moisture levels to help improve texture and increase suppleness.

Also formulated with hydrating and brightening oils extracted from the seeds of Kukui and Passion Flower to help promote a fresh, vibrant appearance, whilst providing rich moisture to help reduce trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). The nourishing blend of Shea Butter, Glycerin and Vitamin E locks in moisture, acting as a barrier cream for hands and feet, to keep skin smooth and softer for longer.


Why do we need an anti-ageing hand cream?

Our hands are always busy and can easily get forgotten about when it comes to protecting them from the harsh environment. As we age, our hands lose moisture in the same way the rest of our body does. However, our hands are prone to ageing faster than other areas of the body as they are constantly exposed to the elements. Rough surfaces and harsh cleaning products all have an impact.

You can even the gap with regular use of our best anti-ageing hand cream yet, enriched with Marine Collagen. To really avoid premature ageing on your hands, the old saying really does stand – moisturising is key!

How to use

Massage into hands and feet daily.

For best results use throughout the day – leave a tube by the sink so you always apply after washing up or hand washing and keep one in your desk drawer or handbag. Regular use will leave your hands and feet soft and smooth, protected from cracking and drying, especially after exposure to water.

**Our tip – apply a good layer at bedtime and wear beauty gloves and cotton socks so your skin gets a huge boost of nourishment overnight. Hands, feet, nails and cuticles are left soft, supple and nourished.

We couldn’t forget your feet

Our feet tend to be a part of the body that lack real attention, so maintaining our fuss-free mantra, we have formulated this age-defying 2-in-1 product without compromising quality. This rich cream will deeply moisturise the skin on your feet, additionally working beautifully as a cracked heel cream, to leave them soft, smooth and healthy-looking.

Say hello to beautiful, soft, youthful-looking hands, with a delicate, familiar aroma…

An infusion of a quenching splash of zesty citrus, which opens with vibrant crushed grapefruit, tart apple and zippy orange. Rounded with a sweet and succulent bite of raspberries, cassis and stunning gardenia florals, and finishes with a veil of soft vanilla to close this beautifully delicate aroma.

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