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International Women’s Day with SBC Skincare

Choose to Challenge #IWD2021

As Brand Manager for SBC Skincare, I think it is important for us to acknowledge International Women’s day every year! Did you know that women make up 80% of the company’s workforce? I think that’s pretty impressive.

This year’s theme is ‘Choose to Challenge’ – from challenge comes change. As you can see, we are raising our hands to show that we are in! Here at SBC we certainly choose to challenge for a more equal world. We have some very powerful, passionate women within the business, and International Women’s Day is a good opportunity to put a couple of them in the limelight so we can continue to celebrate their achievements!

Here are some of the faces behind our brand, as they share what they ‘Choose to Challenge’ to help forge a gender equal world! I will start us off…

Nancy: Brand Manager

What do you do, and love about SBC Skincare?
My role as Brand Manager is incredibly varied and keeps me on my toes! I work closely with our New Product Development team, for both SBC and for our Contract Manufacturing business, discovering innovative new ingredients and textures. I also get to travel the world representing SBC on the Shopping Channels, most recently on home turf with QVC UK which is a really fun part of my job. Most importantly, I try to ensure that everyone is content in their role; I like to think of us as one big, happy family.

What do I love about SBC Skincare? I love the brand, it is a huge part of my life, and am so proud of where we are today thanks to all the hard work the team have put in.

Your Challenge for Change: I am going to speak on behalf of the brand, and what we as a company want to challenge. We will amplify our inclusive work culture, where women’s careers thrive, and their achievements are always celebrated!

What do you do, and love about SBC Skincare?
I am the Senior Marketing Executive for SBC Skincare. I coordinate and create content for our marketing campaigns, from new product labels to maintaining the SBC blog.

I love the SBC brand and thoroughly enjoy working for a company that supports equality and is filled with strong, powerful women. During the past four and half years of working for SBC, I have grown professionally and personally. I owe it to those women at SBC who I now surround myself with. I am lucky to never experience inequality in the workplace. The 20% of men we have at SBC are fantastic and very supportive of gender equality. 

Your Challenge for Change: I will continue to challenge gender stereotypes and bias!

Lianne: Senior Marketing Executive
Ariana: Senior Digital Marketing Executive

What do you do, and love about SBC Skincare?
I am the Senior Digital Marketing Executive for SBC Skincare. I create social media and email campaigns for all our exciting new launches and promotions. 

I love how passionate everyone within the SBC family is, all products are created and tested by us to make sure that everything is perfect when it gets into the hands of our customers. 

Your Challenge for Change: I will maintain a gender-equal mindset.

What do you do, and love about SBC Skincare?
I have been working at SBC for over 16 years now and have been lucky enough to have worked in a few different areas, which I have really enjoyed. For the last few years, I have been the Global TV Sales Manager. This involves working closely with shopping channels in Italy and Germany, and as far afield as Australia and Russia. I am responsible for planning the kits that the shopping channels put on TV and online, and ensuring they arrive on time!

What I love about working in SBC Skincare is the opportunity, nothing is a barrier within this company, jobs are awarded on merit and if you work hard and want to succeed there is a place for you.

Your Challenge for Change: Women should support each other; I challenge more women to back themselves more often.

Claire: Global TV Sales Manager
Charlie: Senior E-Commerce Executive

What do you do, and love about SBC Skincare?
I am the Senior E-Commerce Executive for SBC Skincare. I help to run the SBC Skincare website and Amazon webstore and produce analytical reports on our marketing campaigns.

I love working as part of a team of brilliant and talented women, as well as getting creative with our beautiful range of skincare products for the face and body.

Your Challenge for Change: I will strive to challenge gender stereotypes and continue to build up and support all the wonderful women in my life!

What do you do, and love about SBC Skincare?
I am the Global TV Sales Co-ordinator for SBC.  I work behind the scenes to ensure that all our lovely products make it to the various shopping channels globally in a timely manner.

I love the fact that our products are sold all around the world and are loved by so many.  Language is no barrier when it comes to selling a beautiful product!  I feel very lucky to have colleagues all around the world and enjoy the working relationships I have made along the way.

Your Challenge for Change: I will help for a gender-equal world and hope my daughter grows up always experiencing equality.

Andrea: Global TV Sales Co-ordinator

Thank you, ladies… you are all fabulous!!
Celebrate International Women’s Day with us at SBC Skincare… #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021
How will you help forge a gender-equal world?

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