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International Women’s Day Q&A: Chloe Brewer

The brilliant Chloe Brewer the voice of Lady Writes answers our International Women’s Day questions:

What do you think it means to be a woman today?

For me, being a women today means being able to do everything that’s available to anyone else – the power and right to pick our journey and our destination. No longer are we bound by previous stereotypes, being a woman today means that if we want to forgo marriage and children in place of careers, then we are able to do this without question or confusion. To me, being a women today is all about having the freedom of choice – no matter what that choice looks like

What do you think is the biggest issue facing women your age today?

In the same breath I’m saying to me, being a woman today means we can choose – there are also still some walls women are coming up against. Let’s look at the recent problems within the BBC and their China editor being so far under paid compared to her male counter parts. I feel there is still in some situations a historic mentality to place women on the back foot. And it shouldn’t be like that. We’re all equal regardless of sex, race or colour.

Who are your most inspirational female icons, and why? 

Emma Watson. As someone around the same age as me, I adore the way she handles herself with grace. But more than that, she’s shown that women are free to pick their own path in life and why can’t we have more than one road? Handling a modelling, acting and entertainment career she also pursued her dream of getting a bachelors degree at the same time. Plus she works so hard for the UN as a Womens Goodwill Ambassador, working to fight for female equality.

What advice would you give to young women growing up in today’s society?

Follow your heart and make no apologies for where it leads. You can have it all – family, career, home…or you can follow one aspect within this. The choice is entirely your own and there is nothing wrong with whichever you decide.

Finally, what is your personal motto/mantra?

Work hard for the things you want. We can all get despondent in life, and nothing worth having comes easy but hustle for the hard things is the way I try and live.

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