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Inside the World of SBC: Discover Our Versatile Products & Their Innovative Uses

SBC’s Versatile Products & Innovative Use

Hands up if you think your daily skin routine should be simple, effective, and efficient? Us too!

Nowadays, taking care of your skin can be a big investment, there are lotions and potions for every concern going. Here at SBC one of our favourite things about our products is their versatility.

When you buy a beauty product that has multiple uses, it’s like scoring a bonus product without having to spend any extra cash. SBC’s multi-functional finds help you be more of a minimalist and less of a skincare hoarder, which makes for a cleaner and neater bathroom. When you realise the multiple ways one beauty product can be used, you’ll save money and get more bang for your buck…

Skincare Gels

Our signature formula! SBC’s Skincare Gels are probably the most versatile products. Originally formulated as an alternative for those who dislike heavy moisturisers, the gels are gentle enough for the face, as well as the body. Can be used alone, or before, or even mixed with other formulas (lotions, butters). They are completely adaptable to your preference!

They are also effective serums for your face, and make-up primer. They also provide the ideal, cooling, soothing and hydrating face masks. Each formula with its own benefits. This brings us to Mask Mapping! For example, Collagen Skincare for your forehead to plump out those fine lines, brightening Vitamin C Skincare Gel on your cheeks, and Propolis Skincare Gel on hormonal areas like your nose and chin. Not forgetting that you can mix our gel formulas to create your very own customised moisturiser/mask/primer!!

Bath & Shower Cremes

This is a simple one, most of us only use these in the shower. But maybe once or twice a week, shut yourself away in the bathroom, and pour your favourite Bath & Shower Crème into a running bath.

*Tip: try mixing a couple, a favourite of ours is a Lavender and Arnica bubble bath just before bed = body and mind completely relaxed!

Body Oils

Use them in the shower, for a more hydrating treatment, apply to damp skin and pat dry. You can also pour them into the bath, for an invigorating, and moisturising treat for your skin. We must point out that they are fabulous products for massaging too.

Collagen Ultra Rich

Still quite a new product of ours, but has already earned itself a couple of Beauty Awards, so we know it is going down well! It is the perfect daily moisturiser, but for a more intensive day/night cream apply a generous amount onto the face and décolletage and massage in.

We would also recommend using the Collagen Ultra Rich Cream as an intensive hydrating and anti-ageing mask, just apply a generous amount onto the face and neck, leave on for 10-15 minutes, then dab off any remaining excess.

Rosemary & Eucalyptus Foot Salts

A recent discovery is that the new Rosemary & Eucalyptus Foot Salts work beautifully as bath salts. They smell amazing in the bath and are the perfect pick me up after a long day at the office!




One response to “Inside the World of SBC: Discover Our Versatile Products & Their Innovative Uses”

  1. Sharon says:

    How about this for an innovative use of one of your gels?

    Most mornings I wake up with dry, itching eyes. I got into the habit years ago of dabbing an SBC gel (usually collagen but could be any of your gels suitable for use on the face) around my eyes and over my eyelids for immediate relief.

    One morning, I reached for the bottle of cucumber gel, put a couple of good dollops on my fingers and applied to the eye area. But I had forgotten I was still wearing my specs. I looked at those lenses, all smeared with cucumber gel, and thought, “Now here’s a fine mess.” I have to report that the gel wiped off completely, leaving my specs cleaner than they had been for some time.

    (A funny but true story from one of your biggest fans)

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