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New Hydra-Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner for Beautiful, Bouncy Hair!

Introducing our new Hydra-Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner to target signs of ageing for your hair

At SBC Skincare we are launching a shampoo and conditioner to add to our results-driven, best-selling, Hydra-Collagen collection. Our most loved ingredient now cares for your hair too for complete top to toe Marine Collagen benefits.

Have you noticed your hair becoming increasingly dry, fine or brittle? Rejoice! These professional formulas are also enriched with Keratin to help strengthen and smooth, and luxurious Marula Oil to soften and add shine, leaving you with silky, smooth hair full of natural movement

The duo is tailored towards those with fine hair and targets signs of ageing, transforming dull, flat, dry or lifeless hair into more lustrous locks full of vitality.

Signs of Ageing on the Hair

From our skin to our hair, so much tends to change as we get older. As much as like to embrace the process of ageing, it is important to learn how best to care for our hair and our skin throughout these changes.

Classic signs of ageing on the hair include dry, thinning and fine hair which can look dull and flat. There is, of course, the most visible sign – being the emerging of grey hair, which of course, this shampoo and conditioner can’t reverse. These formulas are suitable for colour treated hair, however its worth noting that grey hair is increasingly becoming a trend, so keeping it looking smooth and healthy is a bonus.

So, if you are looking for a good hair washing duo for ageing hair to help with fullness, hair strength and beautiful shine you have come to the right place.

Hydra-Collagen Super Boost Shampoo

The main concern, when it comes to ageing hair, is lack of body. This is why we have formulated our shampoo to help give your hair maximum body while gently cleansing. This shampoo boosts fine, limp hair with weightless body and bounce.

The gentle, sulphate-free, Hydra-Collagen Shampoo, gently cleanses the hair, effectively removing excess product build-up and residue without stripping hair of its natural oils. It leaves hair soft and smooth, without weighing it down, providing a natural root-boost. The familiar fresh, yet delicate aroma, with notes of raspberry, cassis, geranium and vanilla, lingers on the hair.

Hydra-Collagen Super Shine Conditioner

With the same delicate, family scent as the shampoo, our creamy, silicone-free formula leaves locks looking healthy and feeling smooth, nourished and easier to manage.  The caring conditioner leaves your hair with maximum moisture without weighing it down, promoting natural-looking fullness.

This Hydra-Collagen Conditioner is fortified with moisturising Pro-Vitamin B5, to create strength, structure and weightless volume to the hair. This lightweight formula is perfect for fine, limp hair, fortifying the appearance of each and every strand, for easy detangling, leaving hair bouncy, smooth and shiny.

Proven Results…

Results from a home trial user trial on 119 women…
When using the Shampoo & Conditioner together:

97% said their hair felt soft
95% said their hair felt more nourished, smoothed and easy to style
93% said their hair looked shiny and glossy
90% said their hair had more life and vitality

Hydra-Collagen Super Boost Shampoo:

98% felt the shampoo was gentle enough for every day/frequent use
93% said their hair did not feel weighed down after use
– 92% said the shampoo left their hair feeling soft and looking glossy
88% said the shampoo left their hair feeling bouncy and lifted

Hydra-Collagen Super Shine Conditioner:

97% felt the conditioner was gentle enough for frequent use
– 97% felt the conditioner left their wet hair soft after rinsing
– 96% felt their hair was easy to comb through after rinsing
– 96% felt the conditioner left a pleasant, subtle fragrance on their hair

Key Ingredients

Marine Collagen
What makes these formulas so effective is our beloved Marine Collagen, which isn’t just for the skin. Marine Collagen is rich in amino acids which exhibit powerful moisture-binding properties to enhance the suppleness and flexibility of the hair. These amino acids can penetrate the hair cuticle and moisturise from within to enhance moisture retention. This makes it the ideal moisturising ingredient for your hair, to help improve body, texture and manageability

Keratin is the structural building block of hair and is important for hair’s overall health. The more we colour, blow-dry and use heat on our hair, the more likely we are to have areas of damage. The good news is that we can help improve this damage with haircare fortified with Keratin. Keratin proteins work by smoothing the hair, leaving each strand stronger, silkier and easier to manage. It is the perfect ingredient for fine or dry hair as it can help reveal a fuller appearance and work with Marine Collagen to increase hair’s ability to retain moisture.

Marula Oil
Marula Oil is pressed from the seed of the Marula fruit and is naturally rich in antioxidant essential fatty acids and amino acids. This unique extract helps to smooth and moisturise hair for irresistibly touchable tresses. Fine hair is often mistreated with heavy products, which can make the problem worse. This ultra-lightweight oil seals the hair follicles for ultimate softness and shine, nourishing fine, brittle hair without weighing it down.

Passion Flower Seed and Kukui Nut Oils
Two of our favourite ingredients, present in most Hydra-Collagen products for good reason. Both are full of nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids and essential minerals. Passion Flower Seed Oil and Kukui Nut Oil blend to nourish, hydrate and help create healthy-looking, silky-smooth hair

Beautiful, Bouncy Results

Despite these rich and hydrating ingredients, the sulphate and silicone-free formulas will not weigh hair down. The new Hydra-Collagen Shampoo & Conditioner is formulated to effectively remove residue to leave hair feeling squeaky clean, light and bouncy.

Silicones are known to weigh down the hair and cause a build-up on the hair shaft, leaving hair dull and lifeless. Coco Caprylate is our alternative conditioning agent to silicone. This is a sustainable vegetable-based ester which will not cause product build-up and helps hair retain bounce and shine.

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