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How to Protect Your Skin from Pollution

Anti-pollution is a buzzword in the skincare industry. It has been for a while, and it is likely to continue… to put it simply. The toxins from pollution cause premature ageing of the skin, so think of anti-pollution as the new anti-ageing.

We know pollution is having a huge impact on the planet, but it doesn’t stop there, it also has an impact on our skin and bodies.

We have been skincare experts for over 30 years now, and we consider free radicals in many of our skincare solutions. In this post, we will explain how pollution affects your skin, how you can help protect it and of course how our SBC Skincare can be of assistance… 

How Can Pollution Affect Your Skin?

Pollutants, such as car fumes and cigarette smoke, generate free radicals on the surface of our skin. There is only so much our skin can handle, and these free radicals can place our skin cells in a state of oxidative stress. The state then triggers sensitivity, dehydration, dullness and/or congestion.

This happens because your skin pH has been compromised and it has become confused. Healthy functioning skin will always attempt to regulate itself by either producing more sebum (probably a lot more than you need) or producing very little. Meaning the skin’s surface will become so dehydrated that your natural oils will not be released to help nourish the skin’s surface.

anti-pollution skincare

Types of Pollution

  • Air pollution (smog, car fumes, gasses and cigarette smoke, worse in cities or more populated areas)
  • Indoor pollution (cleaning products, air conditioning, cooking)
  • Blue light (although technically not pollution, Blue lights is part of our modern-day life. Exposure to blue light long-term speeds up the ageing process by shrinking skin cells.)

#TIP – You can put a blue light filter on your devices (there should be a setting) or setting your device to night mode will help. If only air pollution was as simple as adjusting a setting.  

What is Anti-Pollution Skincare?

Never fear, SBC knows how to put the glow back into your skin! Anti-pollution skincare can help counteract the free radicals in the air and help shield your skin against their damaging effects.

The key to tackling the effects of pollution is by using skincare rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You also need to repair and maintain your skins natural barrier by avoiding too many actives, using products with a suitable pH and keeping skin moisturised and hydrated. Oh, and a good SPF should always be essential!  

SBC’s Skin Defence range was specially designed and formulated to help fight the negative effects of environmental stresses we inevitably face every day.

skin defence range anti-pollution skincare
SBC’s Skin Defence Face & Body Collection

How SBC’s Skin Defence Range Tackles Pollution

Infused with a cocktail of antioxidant-rich ingredients, this range will help you maintain a fresh, youthful and healthy-looking complexion on your face and body.  White Tea, the common factor of this range, is the least processed of all the teas, therefore retaining its naturally high level of antioxidants.

The range is also fortified with the unique and exclusive Herbashield®, which is a scientifically formulated blend comprising three antioxidant-rich extracts, Nettle, Horsetail and Watercress, proven to neutralise surface pollutants. The Moisturising Gel and Cleanser also contain hyaluronic acid to hydrate and help plump your complexion.

SBC’s Ultimate Anti-Pollution Skincare Routine


Our invigorating Skin Defence White Tea & Charcoal Body Wash works hard to purify and refresh your skin. Formulated with Charcoal to balance and draw out impurities.


The White Tea Skin Defence Gel Cleanser removes make-up, impurities & dulling pollutants. Use it as your morning cleanser or the first cleanse of an evening.


Smooth the Skin Defence White Tea & Nettle Moisturising Gel onto your face and body. The gel absorbs instantly to help strengthen your moisture barrier and filter out free radicals.


Anti-Pollution Skincare Tips

Cleanse every morning and evening. Double cleanse in the PM if you wear make-up and/SPF (which of course you do). A double cleanse in the evening will give you noticeable results in no time.

Infuse your skin with antioxidant-rich skincare, including serums, moisturisers – on your face and be sure not to neglect your body!

Always complete your morning routine with an SPF – at least factor 30. And reapply throughout the day. If you are worried about your make-up, there are brands with spray-on SPFs to keep you topped up and protected all day.

So now you know…

Incorporating anti-pollution skincare into your routine can dramatically improve your skin’s appearance by minimising the effects of pollution. Healthy-looking, hydrated, radiant skin is only a few steps away.


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