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How to Combat ‘Maskne’ – Breakouts from Wearing A Face Mask

You may have noticed a new term on your radar recently… ‘maskne’. With the current pandemic and the Government requiring us to wear a face-covering in many indoor, public, settings, we are seeing a rise in skin breakouts and irritation around the mouth area.

Why Does My Face Mask Cause Breakouts, or Maskne?

When we wear a mask or face covering, we are essentially putting our face in a sauna-like situation. The close nature of the covering means that our breath bounces back onto the skin and generates heat and moisture. What’s worse is that the bacteria from our mouth is also trapped in the area, plus, the moist, warm environment provides the perfect breeding ground for more bacteria on the surface of your skin.

In addition, the constant friction of the mask can lead to a dry, cracked skin barrier. This then allows bacteria to enter clogged oil glands, hence the inflammation and breakouts you’re seeing.

This has now been deemed as its very own skin complaint… ‘maskne’.

How can I get rid of Maskne?

We have spoken with our Professional Educator, who has provided 10 key tips to help maintain skin health, along with suggestions of key products to serve your skin throughout this trying time:

1. Keep your mask clean

First things first, when using a reusable face covering, make sure it is cleaned at the end of every day. Sometimes the disposable masks are more suitable, eg: when on a long flight, having to change the mask every four hours and not having full washing facilities. However, it is more environmentally friendly to use a reusable, washable face covering.

2. Avoid touching your face

Once you remove your mask, the urge to scratch your nose or mouth area is hard to resist, but you must. Do you remember the sauna effect the mask has? The pores are open and ready to receive any bacteria you may have on your hands. Wash your hands thoroughly for two minutes, or use a hand sanitiser where no facilities are available. Then, rather than scratch or rub with your hands, use a tissue to blot away moisture from the surface of the skin.

3. Go as make-up free as possible

Half your face is covered by your mask anyway, so give the foundation a miss. Just pop on some mascara to make your eyes pop. If you really must wear make-up, look for light, oil-free or mineral-based formulations as these will prevent your pores from further clogging and are much more breathable.

4. Avoid wearing a heavy moisturiser

Under your mask that is, especially if you have combination or oily skin, due to the same reason as make-up. It will only put a layer or film across the skin and the pores will struggle under your mask and get clogged. If your skin is normally dry, wearing the mask may help by preventing moisture loss, but best to avoid a heavy moisturiser when wearing your mask for long periods of time.

5. Cleanse every morning

Never underestimate the power of a good cleanse! To prevent maskne it’s important to clean away oil, dirt and bacteria from the skin before and after wearing your mask. Using something gentle and refreshing in the morning will remove impurities and excess oil, and hydrate the skin at the same time.

6. Double cleanse every night

Give your skin a double cleanse, with a more nourishing formula, at bedtime to help restore and strengthen the skin’s barrier.  Follow with your favourite skin-matched cleanser, the second round of cleansing will clean much deeper into the pores to remove any impurities.  

Try the Collagen Replenishing Cream Cleanser for your first cleanse

7. Use an exfoliator twice a week

Choose a gentle exfoliator which contains ingredients like salicylic acid to help aid the removal of dead skin cells. In turn, this will reduce clogged pores and prevent any pesky maskne breakouts.

hydra collagen exfoliating balm
Try the Hydra-Collagen Exfoliating Balm. Also packed full of essential oils to calm the skin and restore balance.

8. Follow your exfoliation with a mask

If you are breaking out, try using a clay-based mask for 10 minutes. Do this twice a week after exfoliating to draw excess oil and help minimise pores.

Witch Hazel and Zinc Purifying Mask_100ml
Or the Witch Hazel Zinc Purifying Mask, perfect for oily, breakout-prone skin.

9. Prepare the skin with a lightweight moisturiser

Water-based, formulas are ideal as they won’t sit on the skin’s surface or block pores, for example as any of our signature moisturising gels. Used as your daily moisturiser, they provide the perfect lightweight hydration. Look for key soothing ingredients like Propolis or Aloe Vera, or any of our new formulations with Hyaluronic Acid to keep skin plump and hydrated. Not only will the gels lick in lightweight moisture, they also have a calming effect on potential maskne. Don’t forget these unique formulas can also be used as gel masks, so if your skin is feeling irritated and on the dehydrated side, choose from one of our signature gels for your bi-weekly mask to hydrate and soothe. No need to remove, simply apply a generous layer and leave it to absorb.

Try Propolis Moisturising Gel for its ultra-soothing benefits
The new Hyaluronic Gel Concentrate is the perfect lightweight hydrator
or Aloe Vera Moisturising Gel for its calming and cooling benefits

10. Apply your regular moisturiser in the evenings

A good moisturiser, used before bed, will allow the skin to fully replenish and prepare its coat of armour for the next day of mask-wearing.

Try the Hydra-Collagen Ultra Rich Cream, it is lightweight but enriched with nourishing ingredients, including Hyaluronic Acid, to soothe, hydrate and care for your skin.

On another note…

If you are worried about pigmentation caused by breakouts, you could add a brightening serum into your routine.

vitamin c super boost serum
Try our effective Vitamin C Super Boost Serum, to even skin tone and brighten, whilst offering lightweight hydration, making it ideal for wearing beneath your mask.

Don’t worry maskne will not last forever. Chin up and stay safe!

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