Hats Off to Hats | Why We Love Hats & Their Many Skincare Benefits |

By Lucy, SBC Marketing Executive

Hats are fun and fabulous, and I defy anyone to say anything to the contrary about them.

Hats, for a start, come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and fabrics – a small hat can be just as impressive as a large hat, and a large hat can have far more sophistication than one half its size (hats could teach humanity a lot about inclusivity!)

As well as the obvious ‘style factor’, hats are saviours when it comes to protecting yourself from the ever-persistent heat of the summer sun. We all know that the sun is damaging to our skin, and with so many of us trying desperately to keep the skin on our face youthful and flawless, adding a hat to the mix during summer is sure to be more of a benefit than a hindrance.

Ok yes, if a big gust of wind appears it might fly off, and yes, wearing a large hat and walking through a small doorway probably won’t end well for anyone, but let us assure you that the pros far more than outweigh the cons.



  1. A hat can protect your face, ears and neck from the sun and its damaging rays
  2. As well as your face, it also gives your eyes a degree of shade, thus reducing squinting, and in turn, wrinkles
  3. Your hat’s brim should be at least 3 inches, the bigger the brim the better the protection
  4. Helps to prevent sunstroke
  5. You look amazing – rock the hat!


  1. Wind can be an issue, but you can always tie your hat onto your head with a fabulous bow
  2. Small doorways can prove tricky, but some clever manoeuvring can fix this issue
  3. Having a think . . . .
  4. Struggling to think of another reason . . .
  5. Nope – we can’t think of any more cons to wearing a hat


Obviously, you still need to wear sun cream, hats are good but not quite that good. If you get really hot underneath your hat and need a quick spritz to refresh, we recommend our Aloe Vera Spritz, it’s the perfect addition to your bag this summer, and can be paired with our Aloe Vera Skincare Gel for a refreshing, cooling and hydrating skincare burst.



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