From Russia With Love – Nancy x

I am overwhelmingly proud to represent our wonderful company in Russia, so I thought I’d share with you my experiences of my last few trips.

If you don’t know yet, SBC is one of the few British brands selected to feature on Shopping Live! a hugely successful shopping channel based in Moscow.

Preparing for my first visit last Autumn was a little daunting; the thought of travelling to Russia alone, with a phrase book full of impossible to pronounce adages, and a purse bursting with thousands and thousands of Rubles (worth about £100, but I felt rich) was pretty scary stuff!

On arrival at the Ostankino TV Centre for the first time, I was blown away; the building itself is immense and intimidating; the security to enter was tighter than Sheremetyevo airport, and the guard’s hostile glare when I offered my few, well-practised Russian words certainly didn’t fill me with confidence! Once inside however, my thumping heart and shaking hands subsided and my worries were unfounded. I was greeted by the lovely Ksenia and given coffee and shown genuine warmth. Shopping Live! is a well-oiled machine, bursting with loud, friendly, vivacious characters all talking over each other and laughing freely, I immediately felt welcome. My talented interpreter (and now friend) Marina, led me through the endless corridors, pointing out Russian celebrities and ordered me Borsht and Russian pancakes with red caviar.  As my first visit drew to a close and I was preparing to leave, she casually slipped a bottle of Russian wine into my bag as a gift (she knew me well, after only 36 hours!)!


My First Trip to Russia

The second visit was much less stressful. A drop in temperature to -20c, about a foot of slush and snow and with Christmas around the corner. I had a late flight back to London and took the time to visit Red Square and the magical Christmas market. I invested in a furry hat to take the chill off the top of my head and warmed up with some mulled wine and the cheer of children on a carousel, this to me epitomised exactly how Russia would be.


Winter has arrived in Moscow

SBC has been present in Russia for nearly a year now, and business is booming!  I’ve just returned from Moscow and from a near sell-out TS (Today’s Special) but more importantly, we have already received incredible feedback from the Russian people and had several live calls during the shows and the enthusiasm and evident love for SBC was amazing.


Some behind the scenes photos from Shopping Live!

With 5 trips under my belt, I feel like an old pro and cannot wait for the 2nd August, to catch up with friends and to experience Moscow under the heat of the summer sun. I’m really looking forward to hearing how new customers have enjoyed their SBC products and listening to their lovely heartfelt stories.

До свидания !


Nancy xx

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