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SBC’s Rich New Moisturiser

Meet our Hydra-Collagen Intensive Moisturiser… Collagen is our forte, anti-ageing is our expertise, which is why we have formulated our most hydrating, anti-ageing moisturiser yet. A simple way to intensely hydrate, nourish and revive your complexion. Enter our latest addition to the Collagen range, Hydra-Collagen Intensive Moisturiser. Boost hydration. Maximise moisture. Our tagline really says it […]

Meet your August TSV!

For one day only, we have a collection that will blow your mind… not your bank account. SBC will be delivering our biggest skincare collection at QVC UK as the August Today’s Special Value. An incredible opportunity to supersize every step of your skincare to ensure you have access to the very best ingredients, extracts […]

Are you Ready for this Gelly?

Our unique SBC Moisturising Gels are hydrating, lightweight and quick-drying, formulated to leave you soft and smooth without any greasy residue. With summer upon us, now is the perfect time to put the lotions and body butters on hold and smooth over one of these refreshing gel moisturisers instead! Gel moisturisers really are having their […]

Why Watermelon?

You may have spotted our brand new mouth-watering collection – Refreshing Watermelon. Now, there is nothing that gets us in the mood for summer more than smelling the sweet scent of Watermelon in every possible way. However, this isn’t the only reason we have selected this special ingredient for our new summer collection. Watermelon isn’t […]

New Watermelon Collection!

Introducing a brand-new hydrating collection for the summer – Refreshing Watermelon! Vegan friendly and formulated for summer skin that needs to be quenched and hydrated. This special edition, family-friendly Collection perfectly captures the summer vibe with its mouth-watering aroma and the ability to quench your skin with hydrating, cooling and lightweight fresh formulas. Refreshing Watermelon […]

Meet Your Summer Sensation May TSV

SBC have created sensational new family-friendly Summer Skin Collections to capture the summer vibe and to quench your skin with refreshing, cooling and lightweight formulas. Bursting with new exotic extracts to excite and to ensure vibrant, radiant skin as well as evoking an incredible sensory mood. Carefully selected formulas have been curated into these collections […]

New Body Sculpt Body Oil

This unique dual-phased Oil contains a blend of active and nourishing ingredients which have been shown to enhance firmness and suppleness, whilst nourishing and smoothing the skin’s texture, for a softer, smoother and more toned appearance Enriched with a unique 5-oil blend this intensively hydrating formula also contains ShapePerfection, which is specially formulated to help […]

Discover SBC’s Advanced Skincare Trio – A Skin Boosting Wave of Hydration

We know that hydration is the foundation for healthy-looking, youthful skin, which is why we have been working hard to develop the New Green Caviar Perfecting Collection – including an Eye Gel, Serum and Moisturiser. This collection is enriched with intensely hydrating ingredients which help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, for a […]

Multi-Masking with SBC

When it comes to your skin, different areas of your face may have different needs. For example, your under-eyes may be dry, your cheeks blemish-prone, and your nose oily. So, when it comes to choosing a face mask, don’t limit yourself to using just one, try multi-masking. It’s the perfect opportunity to treat different areas […]

Have you met our Micellar Gel Cleansers?

You may have spotted our Micellar Cleansers popping up here and there, but we wanted to officially introduce you to them. Our all-in-one Micellar Gel Cleansers not only cleanse the skin but also soothe, tone, hydrate and remove make-up, even on eyes and lips – no rinsing required. Leaves skin instantly refreshed, comfortable and residue-free […]

Simply Cleanse with SBC #simplycleanse

The most commonly misused, and probably most underrated, skincare product is the cleanser. Cleansing is the first step of your skincare routine, and if done properly it is to prep it for the next steps of your routine. If you don’t cleanse your face thoroughly before applying other products, they simply will not be as […]


Why you should use a Face Mask right now…

Should everyone use a face mask? Absolutely. They are easy to apply, fun to use and most importantly they are great at delivering results. We love face masks. They are the perfect addition to your skincare regime to give your skin the boost it needs. Here are 5 reasons why you need to add a […]

SBC’s NEW Skin Defence Duo with HerbaShield®

Modern life can be tough on our skin. SBC’s NEW Skin Defence collection is formulated with a combination of effective anti-oxidant ingredients to help fight the negative effects of environmental aggressors we inevitably face every day to help you maintain a fresh, youthful and healthy-looking complexion. Did you know that every day your skin is […]

SBC Mask Trio

Meet SBC’s NEW Trio of Face Masks

SBC have delved into the fabulous world of face masks and formulated three to cater for a multitude of skin needs or the ideal multi-masking kit. First up, is the Collagen Radiance Mask… Not like your usual clay mask! This Collagen Radiance Mask features ingredients to moisturise, tighten pores, and tone the skin. This luxuriously creamy-clay […]


Meet the Propolis Today’s Special Value

SBC’s Top to Toe Rescue Ritual from the Hive…our first ever Propolis TSV We are very excited about sharing details our first ever Propolis Today’s Special Value with you. Our Rescue Ritual from the Hive is arriving at midnight on Thursday 21st February on QVC UK. There’s no denying it, it’s cold outside and skin […]


Why Propolis?

Bees are incredible. They aren’t only a source of delicious honey, they also produce Propolis. Propolis is a powerful, wonder ingredient that tends to fly under the radar, but we are slowly seeing a growth in popularity in the skincare industry, and we are not surprised at all. As avid Propolis enthusiasts we want you […]

Beauty From the Inside Out

Beauty From the Inside Out

When it comes to healthy-looking, glowing skin, it is not all about what moisturiser you are using. The fundamentals of good skincare truly begins with what you put into your body. Below are a few staples we would recommend you incorporating into your diet to nourish your skin from the inside out. These foods (and […]

Meet_Our _Kickstarter_Kits

Meet our new year Kickstarter kits

Beat the January blues with our New Year Kickstarter Kits with must-have skincare essentials and exclusive offers. New Year Face Care Kit All Skins 3-in-1 Cleanser (500ml) All Skins Face Polish (100ml) Vitamin C Skincare Gel (100ml) Cotton Day & Night Cream (100ml) Skin Shammy This full skincare routine will keep your skin it in […]

Arnica TSV

Meet the Arnica Today’s Special Value | Launching on QVC UK on the 23rd December

We have an exciting treat for you to wind-down after the Christmas rush. SBC have put together the ultimate Arnica Today’s Special Value, launching on QVC on the 23rd December! Why we Love Arnica… Arnica is a fabulous all year-round product but tends to come in as a kitchen cupboard essential over the winter period. […]

Meet the Arnica Collection

Meet the Arnica Collection

We love Arnica! It is our little wonder ingredient with big benefits. As a problem-solving skincare brand, we make it our mission to encompass active ingredients like Arnica and blend them into skincare products for you to use and benefit from day after day. What is Arnica? The sunny yellow Arnica plant is a perennial […]

Winter Skincare Saviours

Winter Skincare with SBC

Winter is here! That means cosy knits, delicious hot chocolates, and warm fires. It also means it’s time to switch up your skincare routine! Falling temperatures, indoor heating and lower air humidity can all affect our skin, impairing its barrier function and leaving it sensitive and dehydrated. SBC is here to help. With just a […]


Collagen Our Skins Best Friend

Using Collagen in your skincare routine will nourish your skin and help bring a youthful glow to your skin. There are many different types of Collagen used in skincare and from different sources. Here at SBC, we use Soluble Marine Collagen. We also choose Marine Collagen as it has some wonderful benefits for the skin. […]

Get Christmas Part Ready with SBC

Get Christmas Party Ready with SBC: Your Ultimate Guide to Party Ready Skin

Party season is upon us and that means getting glammed up for festive drinks with your favourite people. Here at SBC we find the party season to be the perfect opportunity for little extra self-indulgence! So, in the spirit of the festive season, SBC have put together a short skin care guide that will not […]

Meet our Christmas Gift Sets copy

Meet Our Christmas Gift Sets

Christmas shopping? SBC have a wonderful collection of pampering goodies, guaranteed to go down a treat with your friends and family. Did we also mention our naturally derived ingredients, delicious aromas, and colourful packaging? We wouldn’t blame you if you decided to treat yourself too. So, what are you waiting for? Delve in and discover […]

Cinnamon and Chai

Introducing our NEW Cinnamon & Chai Collection, Meet this Fab New Trio

SBC want to formally introduce you to the brand-new seasonal Cinnamon & Chai Collection. Packed full of aromatic ingredients including spicy Cinnamon and warm Chai spices, such as clove, ginger, cardamom & nutmeg. This complex, invigorating blend of spices deliver a burst of energy to dull winter skin whilst creating a truly unique, aromatic experience. […]

SBC’s Top 5 Autumn Beauty & Wellness Tips

SBC’s Top 5 Autumn Beauty & Wellness Tips….

Well, we’re not sure what happened, but the summer seems to have flown by in a very warm blur! For some, September is tinged with the sadness of summer being over, but for others, the seasonal change is a time to embrace all things new. We all love a crisp, autumn walk through the crunchy […]

10 Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated (9)

10 Tips to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

When we think of hydrated skin, we imagine plump, healthy-looking skin – yes please! Here are 10 simple ways to keep your complexion hydrated so you can enjoy naturally glowing, hydrated skin every day… First & foremost – drink water! Let start working from the inside out. Give your skin the boost it needs to […]

Collagen Collection

A Complete Guide to SBC’s Collagen Range

 SBC’s Collagen range is the “hero” of the SBC ranges – as when it comes to anti-ageing, and hydration Collagen is King! This versatile ingredient helps to plump, hydrate and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and is ideal for dehydrated, mature skin types. The range is constantly evolving, so we thought we […]

Top SBC Skin Accessories

Top SBC Skin Accessories

Good skincare goes beyond the products you use, the tools you also use have a key role in your skincare routine. So say no to the face wipe, and invest in some alternatives that will do so much more for your skin… #saynotofacewipes Shammy For over 20 years now, our Skin Shammy’s have been our […]

the Journey of a Skincare Novice

The Journey of a Skincare Novice | My Skincare Overhaul with the Help of SBC

I have a confession to make…   Before working for SBC I paid little attention to my skincare routine. I regularly went to bed with my makeup on, I always decided I was too tired to stand in front of the mirror for an extra five minutes taking it all off. I never, ever double […]

Beat the Heat with SBC

5 ways SBC can help you Beat the Heat

As much as we love summer, dealing with the heat and humidity is never fun, so beat the heat with SBC to keep you, and your skin, skin feeling refreshed and relieved all summer long. Spritz & Soothe You can never go wrong with a handy, and ultra-cooling, mist. Use the Aloe Vera Spritz to […]

Our Fab New Summer Kit - Piece by Piece

Our Fab New Summer Kit – Piece by Piece

Freshen up your summer skincare routine with our limited edition Summer Tropics Kit. Perfect to cool and refresh your skin, and add that all important hydration, and leave you with a beautiful and healthy glow all summer long. Featuring the soothing, and hydrating Aloe Vera Spritz which will cool, refresh and restore skin’s moisture balance, […]

How we are using the new Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel

How we are using the new Coconut & Plumeria Shimmer Skincare Gel…

We want you to shimmer and glow this summer – and with SBC you can shimmer your own way… SBC are renowned for our Skincare Gels, the versatile, refreshing, lightweight face and body moisturisers. Our latest Skincare Gel is part of a brand-new range – Coconut & Plumeria, so naturally, it smells divine, it is […]

Evening Glamour With SBC (4)_Edit

Summer Glam with SBC

Summer is for frolicking in the sunshine, minimal make up, natural hair, and of course, a cocktail or two. However, with aggravating air-con, high temperatures and humidity, the reality is skin suffers during the summer months. The issues we face include breakouts and fine lines… Our solution? A summer-savvy skin care routine to keep skin […]

Why You Need an Eye Cream in Your Skincare Routine…

Eye creams tend to be the most misused, and most underrated, part of any skincare routine. Especially if you already have a moisturiser for your face, it may feel a little redundant to have a separate cream for your eyes. So, why do we need an eye cream? The skin around the eye is very […]

My Skincare Advice to My Teenage Self (2)

My Skincare Advice to My Teenage Self

| By Lianne, SBC PR Executive |   So, I have never been blessed with perfect skin, maybe between the ages of 0-13, but once I was into those teenage years it all started to go a bit downhill. Oily, dehydrated skin, with regular breakouts on my face, chest and back – I had it […]

Top Tips For Teen Skin With SBC

We Share With You Our Top Tips For Teen Skin

  A complete skincare routine now is the best step in creating a lifetime of healthy habits and preventing future skin issues. The appearance of your skin is influenced mainly by your skin care routine. Never use oil-based makeup products because they may clog your facial pores and cause breakouts. It is vital that skin […]


Our Witch Hazel & Zinc Collection is Perfect For Teen Skin

Those teenagers years – we all remember them – probably some of the best years of our lives!! The last thing we would want for any teenager out there is shying away because of skin woes. Here at SBC we want you to be happy and confident in your own skin. There is simple science […]

Our Hero Aloe

Our Hero Aloe – Discover it’s Many Versatile Uses

Ah, Aloe Vera. Hopefully you saw our previous post on ‘Why we Love Aloe’, but if not, here is a quick summary of this wonderfully natural ingredient… Aloe Vera is a green cactus plant that the Egyptians once referred to as the ‘Plant of Immortality’. It is the wonder ingredient that we seem to find […]

Allo Aloe - Why We LOVE Aloe.

Allo Aloe – Why We Love Aloe

Here at SBC, we can’t get enough Aloe, especially throughout this beautiful sunny summer we are having! Two Queens of Egypt, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, apparently used Aloe Vera to keep their skin soft! So, if it’s good for royalty, then it’s certainty good for us! Find out more about Aloe Vera and more importantly, why […]

Our Top Tips To Fake Your Sun Kissed Glow

Fake Your Sun kissed Glow

Summer is officially here, bring on the sun, sea, and cocktails! Most of us feel better and more confident with a tan and enjoy showing it off in our favourite summer clothes. However, we must be sensible when it comes to achieving that summer glow! Here at SBC we are all for the notion, ‘fake […]

Why we love a hat

Hats Off to Hats | Why We Love Hats & Their Many Skincare Benefits |

By Lucy, SBC Marketing Executive Hats are fun and fabulous, and I defy anyone to say anything to the contrary about them. Hats, for a start, come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and fabrics – a small hat can be just as impressive as a large hat, and a large hat can have far more […]

Your Summer holiday 101 - Your ultimate summer suitcase must haves

Your Summer Holiday 101 – Your Ultimate Summer Suitcase Must Haves Chosen by Team SBC

By Lucy, SBC Marketing Executive I think we can all agree that summer has officially arrived, which means one thing… summer holiday time!! Whether you are jumping on a plane, on a boat, into the car, or if you’re really adventurous hopping onto a bicycle, and venturing away for a weekend, a week or (some […]

sbc foot care 101

Your Summer Foot Care 101 with SBC

We tend to forget about the hardest working parts of our bodies and they are often last in line to enjoy a good pamper. We expect them to take us everywhere (sometimes in the most unsuitable of footwear) and it’s only if we get a blister or other problem that we even think about what’s […]

From Head-to-Toe, Your ultimate guide to get your skin summer ready

From Head-to-Toe, Your ultimate guide to get summer ready skin

Warmer weather is finally among us and summer is here!! Yay! You’re probably already planning your summer wardrobe of swimsuits, sundresses, and sandals. So, it’s time to think about preparing the skin for some long-awaited sunshine and summer holidays. We’re declaring June our summer skin boot camp, get ready for beautiful smooth, glowing skin from […]

Discover How the team at SBC HQ Use Our Amazing Products

Here at SBC one of our favourite things about our products is their versatility. Our Skincare Gel for example, a moisturiser for the face, for the body, and an effective serum, primer, and face mask! The versatility doesn’t end there, in fact, they go a lot further than many of us originally thought – for […]

SBC’s Versatile Products and their Innovative Use

Inside the World of SBC: Discover Our Versatile Products & Their Innovative Uses

SBC’s Versatile Products & Innovative Use Hands up if you think your daily skin routine should be simple, effective, and efficient? Us too! Nowadays, taking care of your skin can be a big investment, there are lotions and potions for every concern going. Here at SBC one of our favourite things about our products is […]


Vegan Skincare With SBC

Going Vegan Vegan diets and lifestyles are becoming more popular, with an increasing number of people giving up meat for a plant-based diet. International delivery service Just Eat reported an increase in vegan and vegetarian orders in 2017 and have predicted ‘going vegan’ is to be the biggest food trend of 2018, as people become […]

Seedball & SBC

Save the Bees with Seedball & SBC

This month we are focussing on our friends the bees  – we wouldn’t have our nurturing Propolis collection if it wasn’t for these hard-working insects, so what better way to give back to them, than by planting some beautiful flowers that those buzzing bees will love. SBC are very excited to be collaborating with Seedball […]


Collagen: Boost Hydration & turn Back Time on Your Skin

When it comes to anti-ageing, Collagen is King! Using Collagen in your daily skincare routine will nourish and feed dry, dehydrated, and mature skin, to help bring that youthful glow back to where it belongs. There are many different types of Collagen from different sources. Here at SBC, we use marine collagen, which has some […]

Why a Scrub?

There is nothing nicer than using a luxurious body scrub while having a pamper session at home. Apart from the obvious, making your skin feel and look silky smooth and soft, what else can a Scrub do? Not to mention, what is it made of? Skin Benefits There are so many benefits to using a […]

Why a Lotion?

Whether you use a cream, body butter, serum or lotion, they all have multiple benefits for the skin; however they are very different from one another. Sometimes it is down to personal preference on texture or skin type, but mainly the choice depends on a skin concern. This month we focus on Lotions, and find […]

Why a Gel?

When it comes to lightweight, gel moisturisers – SBC are the experts. 25 years ago the first skincare gel was created by SBC and, 25 years later we are still creating new and exciting collections which feature our famous gels formulated for different skin types and skin concerns. We often get asked, why a Gel? […]

Rich Formula, Lightweight Texture…

Beautifully balanced and nourishing, the Award-Winning Ultra Rich Cream is a luscious, yet lightweight age-defying way to refine and rejuvenate your complexion. With plumping Marine Collagen, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and nourishing botanicals – this cooling mousse-like cream seals in hydration. SBC have taken nine key extracts and whipped them up into this mousse-like blend, which […]

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