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While we are all facing dramatic changes to our everyday lives, my working days have been split between being at home with the family and spending time in our rather quiet offices.

Extra time at home and the long Easter weekend, has given me lots of time in the garden which led me to consider a ‘Lockdown Superhero’! This is an all-time Superhero for me and has been for 30 years, but lockdown is the time to shine for our SBC Aloe Vera Skincare Moisturising Gel.

Aloe Vera is an incredible, unassuming succulent with so many skin benefits. But, just how much can one simple plant really do for your skin? During the past few weeks, I have used this unbeatable multi-tasker at home. Here are some handy ways that I’ve been using it recently:

1.) The long, unusually warm, Easter weekend gave us the perfect excuse to transform our townhouse garden; it is looking fantastic. The downside was the inevitable rash, irritation and scratches from the overgrown bushes and grass. Soothing, calming Aloe was the perfect remedy and promoted fast healing of the scars from gnarly rose thorns.

2.) Insect bites are my daughter Ellie’s problem. Anything that wriggles, tickles, flies or buries will bite her and her skin will react. The relief from the Aloe is wonderful, stops her itching instantly and is so easy to apply there’s no fuss made.

3. We’ve been using our sun protection whilst outside, so have avoided any burning. In fact, I use it year-round to protect my skin from the damaging and ageing effects of UVA and UVB rays, but I know the warm spring weather caught some people out. A few friends for example, when they were out for their daily exercise, on bikes and on foot, some of them suffered from sunburn during the Easter break. This is something that has long been calmed by Aloe Vera’s cooling sap, and our SBC Skincare Gel, especially when chilled in the fridge, is perfect for the entire family to cool and refresh overheated skin.

4.) There are other ways that we use this multi-tasking gel in our house. My husband won’t use anything else as an aftershave, Aloe is hydrating, softening and repairing (think epilation, shaving, waxing & plucking ladies!)

5.) All of this extra hand washing means we need to hydrate our skin after using hand wash, soap or sanitiser. Homeschooling, combined with working from home, means there isn’t time throughout the day to allow hand cream to sink in; the moisturisation you get from the Aloe Vera Skincare Moisturising Gel is perfect and absorbed within seconds!

6.) One last little treat that Ellie and I do together, is an overnight mask. Here we apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera Gel on the face and neck and wake up the next morning with soft skin and a brighter complexion ready for the day ahead. It works wonders for mum and it’s also gentle enough for lovely young skin that doesn’t necessarily need it but she wants to play! Top tip for mum; a slightly thicker layer under the eyes will banish those dark circles!


When I come in from the garden, or after a long day at work, I’ve been treating my, often neglected, feet! I use the SBC Aloe Vera Bath & Shower Gel as a soak. When my feet are hot, tired and puffy I soak them in cool water with the addition of Bath & Shower Gel. The subtle cucumber fragrance is so reminiscent of summer; I’m no longer sitting in my house or garden, but on a beach in the South of France… Enjoy!

SBC customers are always finding new ways of using our products, we’d love to know how you use yours.

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