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I never seem to spend much time at home. It is usually evenings and the occasional Sunday, so it was a little daunting to learn that I would be staying put for a while. I must admit, I have enjoyed spending time in our little house. I was adamant I would keep to a routine, to maintain as much normality as possible. I’m pleased to say I am on week six, potentially seven, and the routine is still going strong. I am in lockdown with my fiancé, Matt, and my little sausage dog, Albie (who is absolutely loving every minute).

I confess, I am getting up a little later. We are not morning people in this house, including the dog, so, if the option to sleep a little longer is there, we will take it. Alarm goes off at 7:30am, straight to make a cuppa and get ‘dressed’ – comfies or gym clothes.

I have always been skincare obsessed and love trying everything under the sun, but I thought I should probably be a little more frugal at the moment. So, I have simplified my skincare routine and, honestly, my skin has never looked better! In the morning, I sweep over my Cucumber Micellar Gel Cleanser, then it’s on with my Hydra-Collagen Illuminating Eye Cream and Green Caviar Perfecting Moisturiser. In the evenings, I have started using the Hydra Collagen Intensive Moisturiser. It has made my skin so incredibly soft and smooth – I always thought it would be a little too much for my skin, but it turns out, it loves it!


Work, for me, hasn’t changed a great deal, except I am sitting in what was my dressing room, at my make-shift desk, with a nosy sausage dog perched on the window sill next to me. I spend much of my time writing content, which is always needed, especially now as (most) online content is keeping us all sane. I make sure I get out for a dog walk every lunchtime, which I look forward to, especially as the sun has been shining.

One benefit of working from home is that I am finishing on time for a change. I am making a conscious effort to log off at 5pm(ish) then head downstairs for a 30-minute workout. This is usually HIIT or weights, to help with motivation I am following a 6-week plan, as I like having something to properly follow. It is important for me to keep moving. It’s true, exercise really does make you feel happy, healthy and gives you more energy, plus it definitely helps me sleep better too.

Post-workout, I head for the shower. I’m currently enjoying the new Manuka Honey & Quince Body Wash, which makes me feel happy because it smells so delicious, with the added benefit of leaving my skin feeling so soft. Then, I smooth over the Manuka Honey & Quince Moisturising Gel, to lock in moisture and add another layer of the beautiful fragrance.


Weekends are certainly different. It is usually a rare treat to spend them at home, as we love getting out and about. We have some lovely areas for dog walks, so we make sure Albie gets a good long stroll and explore. At home, we have used the time to blitz the house from top to bottom (it has taken three consecutive weekends), but the house is so beautiful right now and we are enjoying being in it. Even the garden has had a mini-make-over; patio jet washed, lawns mowed, the table, chairs and BBQ are back out, and we have invested in some solar lights, which look stunning of an evening.

We are foodies in this house – and have been enjoying slightly more elaborate lunches and dinners, and even baking for a change – no disasters yet. I think incorporating something new (for us, baking) has certainly helped us enjoy our time at home and has added some versatility into our routine. We’ve made cakes, bread, cookies, and scones – they were cheese scones, absolute heaven!

I am certainly trying to turn this time into something positive – a time to reflect, enjoy being at home, taking care of myself (I include eating baked goods in this section) and appreciating the small things which are often overlooked. Don’t get me wrong, seeing my friends and family can’t come fast enough, but it will be here soon. Stay strong and keep smiling!

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