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During the current pandemic, everyone’s lives have changed and we are all learning to cope with a new normal, for however long that might be for.

My normal work life is based in the office with my SBC family, including the hard-working and creative marketing team. Now we are working from home, face to face conversations have been replaced with those online. Continuing to work full-time does mean I still have structure to my day, with working hours now spent in my new home office.

Working From Home Routine

I’ve kept the alarm on its standard weekday setting of 6.45 am. I’m always awake before it goes off, but it means I’m still getting up at my usual time. These days my morning routine is quite leisurely. I take a live exercise class in my bedroom, then spend time either body brushing or using a scrub. My favourite right now is the Lemon Myrtle and Thyme Cream Body Polish which smells heavenly and turns my bathroom into a spa. This is followed by a shower using the bath and shower crème in the same collection, I love the zingy aroma in the morning.

I generally cleanse my face with the Collagen 3 in 1 Cleanser, and 3 times a week I reach for the Green Tea and Ginkgo Biloba Face Polish to keep my skin feeling fresh. Then it’s on with Vitamin C Super Boost Serum on my face and body, topped off with a moisturising sunscreen on my face to protect from UV light. Normally I’d be adding makeup before going to the office, but that’s a time saving now with my ‘stay at home’ naked face.

My new working wardrobe started off very relaxed, with dresses replaced by oversized jumpers and sweatshirts over leggings. My hair straighteners were gathering dust, but I’m sure my hair will thank me for it. To be honest, it was looking wild, so, as week two passed I spent a little more time on my hair and clothes. I also started using a CC cream and mascara. The inclusions make me feel brighter when I look in the mirror.

Once ready, I have breakfast of homemade granola, with a fresh juice. I love my juicer, but on a working day in the office, there’s just not time to use it. I’ve been juicing whatever is left in the fridge. The last one was apple, carrot, orange, Romaine lettuce heart, cucumber and ginger. Unbelievably delicious! These are the benefits of losing the hour-long daily commute.

I wander downstairs mid-morning for a hot drink and top up my water bottle at intervals throughout the day. It is so important to keep hydrated. This also stops me sitting at the computer screens for too long at a time, so putting the office upstairs was a good move.

I’ve moved my electric essential oil diffuser into the office with me, so I am uplifted by the fragrance of lemongrass all day.

I make sure I take a break at lunchtime, this is to prepare a sandwich, or reheat a baked potato or homemade soup that I prepared the night before. When I ran out of bread, I turned to the pantry and made a batch of dough, half of which made a tomato and herb focaccia, whilst the other half ended up as a balsamic onion loaf. I’ve frozen half of each, so they will last a while. Both are delicious served warm with the soup.


Outside Work…

My evenings spent at the cinema or the gym, have been replaced with time in the garden, cooking and decorating. I am very lucky to have a garden, so spend time pottering around there, and feeding the fish, rather than going out for exercise. After over three weeks of (almost) lockdown, I have yet to leave the village.

This year, my garden should be looking it’s best. I’ve spent weekends feeding and cutting the grass, cutting back hedges and clearing the vegetable and flower beds. Thinking ahead, I had already bought seeds and more fruit plants, so I am excited to see how they get on. I inherited raspberry plants with the house and these provide a wonderful crop all through the summer. Last year, I let the hedge and grass encroach on them due to a lack of time. Now this is a nice clear area where, I hope, this year’s crops will thrive. It should also be easier to net the raspberries so the birds don’t eat more than I can pick!

I had been planning to repaint one of the rooms, but the dark evenings meant painting the white on the white ceiling was far from ideal. Now, instead of going out after work and getting home late, I have been able to prepare the room and repaint the ceiling. The long Bank Holiday weekend gave me time to paint the back wall, so now I am just left with painting between the beams and around the fireplace wall.

I always have some background noise on in the house, this would be the telly in the evenings for background chatter, where now, I am playing music while I paint. I’m working through my old CD collection and started with a three-CD set of 80s Party music. I found this very uplifting and it brought back great memories at the same time.

Instead of a yoga or Pilates class with 20 plus people, I now either take a live or ‘on-demand’ class provided through my gym’s app. This is helping to improve my poses (I think) to be more confident when I return. I have also tried one of the more energetic ‘Blaze’ HIIT classes, so no one could see me when I needed to take a breather!

I do miss the sauna, steam room and jacuzzi at the gym, but I’m making the most of my bathroom. There’s plenty of time to relax in the bath with a Collagen Radiance Face Mask and a good book. I love the Cotton Bath and Shower Crème which smells clean and fresh.

I’ve been spending time on my feet too. I use a foot file then Rosemary & Eucalyptus Foot Scrub, before drying and moisturising with Propolis & Safflower Hand and Foot Cream which I cover with special socks and leave to sink in. I have yet to do more with my hands than wash, wash, wash and moisturise. The decorating and gardening have not been good for my nails, but I think I’ll have plenty of time to tackle them before I’m due back in the office


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