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Lightweight Hydration – SBC’s Signature Gel Formula

Our unique SBC Moisturising Gels are hydrating, lightweight and quick-drying, formulated to leave you soft and smooth without any greasy residue. With summer upon us, now is the perfect time to put the lotions and body butters on hold and smooth over one of these refreshing gel moisturisers instead!

Gel moisturisers really are having their moment in the skincare industry with people seeking…

  • refreshing, lightweight textures
  • supply instant hydration
  • easy to use and quick to absorb
  • leaving no stickiness

So, let’s delve in deeper, as to why our gel formulas are so special…

Hydration is the source of radiant and healthy skin…

…which is exactly what our gels are formulated to do! SBC’s gels offer skin the hydration it needs without making it feel smothered. They instantly absorb into the skin to keep it looking smooth, supple and hydrated.

The lightweight formulations help to balance the skin and provide soothing hydration. This then helps prevent both dryness and excess oil production, leaving skin healthy-looking and luminous for all skin types.

gel moisturisers

Multi-functional product…

SBC’s gels are formulated to be exceptionally multi-functional, resulting in 1 product which can be tailored to suit any skincare regime as a mask, serum, primer or moisturiser for the face and body. This expert formula is packaged in a bottle with a pump that hygienically dispenses a generous amount of product.

Fresh, bouncy, lightweight textures…

Our gel formulations are generally transparent because the formula is created as a water-based semi-solid, which allows it to spread easily over the skin. The water acts as a vehicle for the actives within the product, effectively delivering them to the skin.

They are free of the heavy ingredients that make lotions, butters and creams, well… creamy! This leaves the best of both worlds; the ‘barely there’ weight, that comes with it being a gel, and the cushion of a moisturiser. SBC first blossomed in 1990 with a signature gel formulation in 3 different ingredient variations… Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Collagen. It is nearly 30 years later, and we still have these 3 gels along with many others, enriched with specific ingredients selected to target the concerns and needs of our loyal customers.

They are loved because SBC’s bouncy gel hydrators feel cool upon application, soothing irritated areas, whilst easily absorbing head to toe – to hydrate with absolutely no residue.

Reasons to love our gels…

Best used as a no-fuss moisturiser, in our experience, for both the face and body. Fast to sink in and loaded with ingredients to provide long-lasting hydration, those with combination to oily skin types stand to benefit most from these ‘lightweight heavyweights’, as the cooling water-gel formula won’t clog pores.

They also serve as a great option for those with dry and blemish-prone skin types looking to avoid the heaviness of a cream or lotion. Ideal in the summer, especially when it is muggy, and rich moisturisers tend to sit on the skin. They’re also a great minute-saving option for the time-poor – plus, they sit well underneath makeup too!

So which SBC gel is best for me?

That all comes down to your preference – do you want to target a concern? Or are you looking to hydrate your skin and leave a delicate, fresh aroma…

As well as flooding thirsty cells with hydrating extracts such as Coconut Oil and Marine Collagen, we have recently incorporated hydrating Hyaluronic Acid (which by the way can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water) into the NEW Skin Defence White Tea & Nettle Gel, sealing in hydration for longer.

Fruity extracts packed full of vitamins including Watermelon, Grapefruit and Raspberry provide free radical-fighting antioxidants and amino acids. Ideal if you love a fresh, citrus aroma to wake you up in the morning.

We utilise a wealth of botanicals including Passion Flower, Plumeria and Jasmine extracts known to care for and nourish the skin, as well as providing luxurious and calming aromas to relax your mind and body.  

Our Propolis Gel is always worth noting – Propolis extract is made by bees and is rich in amino acids, vitamins, minerals and bioflavonoids. We are proud to use this precious extract in one of our gel formulations.

We also have two gels formulated with natural, light-reflective Mica, providing your skin with a subtle glow – slightly creamier than the other gels, both are undoubtedly hydrating with the Coconut & Plumeria providing a tropical silver shimmer, and the Cinnamon & Chai a warm golden glimmer.

Visit our product pages here for more info of each of our hydrating gels…

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