SBC Story

SBC Skincare is a British beauty brand, founded in 1990, with many years of botanical know-how.

Harnessing the potent powers of the finest quality and naturally derived ingredients, 1990 saw SBC create renowned ranges of powerfully active natural skincare and body care that really works.

SBC is fuss-free, practical, effective, affordable pampering, which includes skincare gels, moisturisers, serums, polishes, cleansers, bath & body essentials to create a dynamic range that delivers pure, natural vitality to the skin.

SBC’s commitment to our customer, we are inspired to create products you LOVE… an affordable daily luxury

SBC’s blend of sensual fragrances and distinctive natural origins has seen a love for SBC skincare grow

SBC’s iconic collections caters to every skin type

SBC is a unique, problem-solving skincare brand, which provides you with the solution

SBC collections prove effective in treating concerns such as blemishes, flushing and sensitivity to everyday tension, whilst remaining effective as an excellent supplement for maintaining the perfect youthful appearance for all the family.

Eco-Friendly Beauty

SBC has taken pride in being at the very forefront of environmentally aware product production for over 25 years. Always acutely aware of customer expectation, the company embraced a no animal testing policy for the SBC range of Gels and Bath Care from its inception. The company also uses high quality natural active ingredients that offer a holistic solution to a range of facial, body and soothing skincare conditions. This, combined with minimal packaging fulfils many of the requirements of the consumer that demands “eco-friendly” beauty.

Enriched with nature for outstanding results