About Us

SBC Skincare is a family-run, British skincare brand based in Suffolk, England, our home since 1990.

SBC Skincare was initially established for use in the professional sector, launching with three variations of our signature moisturising gel formulaCollagen, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Our unique, expert formulations meant people wanted to use SBC at home, so we made that happen. Over the past 30 years we have gained popularity in over 30 countries, won countless awards worldwide and now SBC Skincare is renowned for our effective, fuss-free, wellbeing rituals.

Our three hero collections include; Hydra-Collagen, our best anti-ageing skincare collection; the deeply comforting and aromatic Arnica Collection, invaluable for children, athletes and for those with niggling areas of tension; and finally, Propolis, we blend this unique, precious extract into a range of products to provide the ultimate problem-solving collection.

SBC Skincare doesn’t stop there, our vast range caters to all skin types, concerns, lifestyles, providing a solution for the whole family, no matter how hectic your day-to-day routine is. We also provide an array of vegetarian skincare and vegan skincare products to suit everyone.

sbc skincare family run

The SBC Ethos

We strive to formulate, develop and deliver tailored collections of bespoke and results-driven skincare, blending natural extracts with beautiful aromas. Our mission is to provide you with beautiful skin and boost your wellbeing. Wellbeing is at the forefront of every formula, whilst results are key, we care deeply about how each product makes you feel.

Every product is designed by SBC Therapists, formulated and perfected by our in-house Chemists, and enhanced by consumer feedback. We are proud to create, develop and manufacture everything in-house so we maintain quality control – from product concept to delivery!

SBC Skincare is, and always has been a cruelty-free skincare brand. Everything is tested on and used by us, and of course, loved by us.

SBC Skincare natural results cruelty-free vegan recyclable
SBC Skincare Natural ingredients

Our Ingredients

Our products are ingredient-led; therefore, we strive to use high-quality, traceable, naturally derived ingredients. We use over 100 botanical ingredients, selected for their effectiveness and blended with a little bit of science to give your skin the elements it needs to be beautiful.

We are uncompromising in our use of ingredients that are non-harmful to animals and humans. Our Chemists source and test the safest, most effective ingredients, whether that be natural, naturally derived, or scientifically derived, and never compromise quality.  As a global brand operating in over 30 countries, we abide by the strictest regulatory requirements for each and every product we develop for you.

SBC Skincare responsible, eco-friendly


We recognise our environmental impact and strive to reduce this wherever possible, from packaging to our own carbon footprint, to establish ourselves as an eco-friendly skincare brand. A benefit of manufacturing SBC in-house is that our products are made to order and we manufacture in small batches to minimise waste.

We’re passionate about responsible sourcing. Our ingredient and packaging buyers balance factors such as performance and sustainability to determine the best source.

Our packaging is minimal by design and we make every effort to avoid waste in order to reduce our impact on the planet. SBC benefits from recyclable packaging except for the pumps. Don’t worry though, this is in-hand as we plan to be 100% recyclable by 2025. Our packaging is 10% PCR (post-consumer recycled plastic), plus our unique larger sizes reduce waste and as a result, are excellent value for money for you.