QA/QC Manager

Sonia Rose is SBC’s wonderful QA/QC Manager, efficient and organised; Sonia is the queen of quality control! And, she’s pretty good at rustling up a yummy dessert or two…

Tell us a bit about yourself Sonia?

I was born in the Middle East and after marrying my husband in the 80s, I moved to the UK. In 1992, I moved to Suffolk with my family to a lovely small village, where I still live and continue to enjoy living less than 15 minutes from the sea.

Although I have a degree in civil engineering, after having my two children I returned to work with a renewed focus on quality. I have worked in many industries including manufacturing, food and cosmetics. Just over a year ago, I joined as the QA/QC Manager at SBC and since then, I have enjoyed an excellent daily working environment with the SBC team.

I'm an avid baker and love to cook various recipes, particularly Middle Eastern food. At the weekends, you’ll find me rustling up something-much to the delight of my colleagues! When I'm not baking, you can often find me in the garden tending to my flowers beds. My favourites are my Queen Elizabeth roses. They are a climbing variety of rose and have a delightful fragrance when in bloom.

What’s your area of expertise?

I'm responsible for the quality of SBC's products, making sure that each product is manufactured to our high standards. I am passionate about implementing SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedure) to control the processes and achieve good quality, safe and legal products which comply with our high specification. This ensures that every SBC customer gets high quality and consistent experience when buying and using our products. I am a firm believer in carrying out daily audits which focus on ensuring that we only produce the very best products for our customers.

Do you have a personal beauty tip to share?

I always cleanse and use a good repairing night moisturiser before I go bed. You can get away with a slightly heavily, more indulgent moisturiser than you often would during the day under make-up. This helps your skin stay in tip top condition.

What is your favourite SBC product?

The Vitamin ACE Day & Night cream is my favourite product and it makes my skin feels moisturised and firm. I also like to use the Vitamin ACE Skincare Gel after the bath as it keeps my skin smooth and vibrant.

Do you have a real beauty no-no or bug bear?

Who doesn’t cleanse their faces after a long day with make up on?!

What goes on in your average day at SBC?

My day consists of making sure that our products are made, stored and transported as designed so they get to you in the very best condition. I carry out internal audits to make sure we are following our Quality Control Procedures.

I'm really lucky that my day at SBC is varied and with our ever expanding and varied product range there is always a new challenge!

Desert Island Disc?

It would have to be a Julio Iglesias album and my favourites are Cada dia mas. I love to listen to his lovely songs while driving.

Last meal?

I love fish, so it would be a dish with wild sea bass and sides of sautéed smoked bacon, red chicory and runner beans all covered in a rich red wine sauce. Perhaps even a cheeky dessert of raspberry and chocolate mousse!

SBC is based in Suffolk, what is your favourite Suffolk spot?

I love the sea and taking in the fresh sea air. My favourite beach spot is Aldeburgh, it is a popular tourist spot, so I try to get out there when it isn't too busy.

Describe your perfect day?

I love entertaining, so my perfect day would be getting my family and friends together around a table for a good meal and delicious mouth-watering desserts.