5 ways SBC can help you Beat the Heat

It’s heating up again, and as much as we love the sunshine, coping with the heat and humidity can be a little tiresome. So beat the heat with SBC Skincare to help keep you, and your skin, feeling refreshed and relieved all summer long. (Even without a swimming pool).

1. Lightweight, lightweight, lightweight

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or combination, the muggy temperatures that are upon us are enough to make anyone want to switch to more lightweight formulas. Specifically, when it comes to moisturiser. We need a refreshing formula that won’t make your skin feel greasy or sticky but also keeps your complexion hydrated. That’s where SBC’s signature formulas come in, Moisturising Gels!! These water-based hydrators are lightweight, refreshing and we can guarantee there is one to suit your skin type.

Try Hydra-Collagen for a more dry or mature skin, Hyaluronic Gel Concentrate or Watermelon for dehydration. Propolis or Aloe for sensitive, or Witch Hazel & Zinc for more oily skin types. Browse them all here…

2. Refrigerate your Skincare

During the summer, we all need some instant cooling relief, especially at the end of a day in the sunshine. Instantly, perk up your mornings or cool down your evenings by storing your moisturising gels in the fridge. Then enjoy the wonderful cooling sensation on your face and/or body all summer long. SBC’s Moisturising Gels are the ultimate versatile product to get you through the summer months.

**TIP: Aloe, Cucumber, and Watermelon are gentle gels ideal for use after sun exposure. Your skin will be thankful for the instant relief and the surge of essential hydration.

3. Freshen up your cleanser

The heat, humidity and sweat can wreak havoc with your pores. While you scale back on heavy creams, you may find a need for a fresher face cleanser. If your regular face wash doesn’t seem to be doing its job, and you’re seeing more congestion it is time to swap. Try the Cucumber Micellar Gel Cleanser, this lightweight cleanser effectively removes make-up, soothes and instantly refreshes your skin. Also, opt for the Sage & Lemon Cleanser for a thorough but gentle wash to remove impurities and excess oil. Leaving your skin wonderfully clean and refreshed.

4. Add Menthol to the Mix

Products containing Menthol have a natural cooling effect.

At the end of a hot, muggy day, or a long, sweaty night, jump into the shower with the Camphor & Menthol Bath & Shower Gel. You’ll instantly feel the cool tingle, which lasts on your skin even after the shower. Trust us, a welcome relief from the heat, oh, but be sure to avoid intimate areas with this one.

5. Legs & Feet

Notice your trousers and shoes getting slightly tighter? Sadly, high temperatures can cause fluid retention and suddenly make perfectly fitting shoes and clothes impossibly too small.

Target puffiness with the refreshing and invigorating Leg Soothing Gel for tired and aching legs and feet. Combining cooling Camphor (there it is again) with calming Arnica and soothing Witch Hazel. This comforting infusion of botanical ingredients provides rapid relief to puffiness.

Now you know how to beat the heat, get out there and make the most of the sunshine. Just don’t forget your SPF!

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