2019 = The Year to Love Yourself

What if in 2019 you simply focused on loving yourself more?

You may remember in the last blog post ‘New Year Same You’  we touched on ‘Self-Love’. Now we want to delve into a little more detail about why it is so important…

We’re not talking arrogance…

Firstly, lets omit the fact that ‘self-love’, has anything to do with arrogance. If someone is perceived to love themselves, arrogance springs to mind.

As a result, naturally, our actions deliberately suggest the opposite…

We’ve become so resilient to being mocked and mocking ourselves, laughing about the most insignificant flaws of each other!!  Things need to change…

We need to keep our Mental Health in tip top condition…we struggle to accept compliments, thinking it’s not ‘socially normal’ to be happy with who we are and what we’ve got, for fear of coming across slightly arrogant.  

Inject these 6 elements into your life to love yourself without thinking you’re being conceited.

  1. Be kind to yourself

Being kind to yourself means recognising your needs, and not pushing yourself negatively.

Treat yourself like you would do a friend… we’re very kind to our friends but not to ourselves, we cheer them up, and support them in times of need. Developing the skills to be your own best friend means you can rely on your own judgment and be your own source of comfort when you need advice or support. Start listening to the only voice within that truly knows what you need. It knows what it takes to make you feel good and happy.

But never forget that talking is important, and asking for help and advice is a sign of strength not weakness.

  1. Surround yourself with inspirational, positive people

People have a huge impact on our lives. So, try to surround yourself with the people who make you happy, make you laugh, and who help you out when you’re in need – they are the ones worth keeping in your life.

They are people that will inspire you to be a better person, provide you with motivation to achieve your goals, empower you to make the changes you need to succeed and cheer on your success.

An important factor here is to not compare yourself to these people, know that you cannot be compared to others because you are your own person. When you’re surrounded by good people, we guarantee you will be less stressed and find more joy in daily things.

  1. Use loving words

To show your best friend gratitude, you tell them how amazing they are don’t you? Do the same for yourself. Words matter. You hear everything you say to yourself and your behaviours align with that. So, make your words, words of love, never negative or degrading. Make sure you see or say these words every day, write them on the front of your diary, make them your phone screen saver – you WILL start to believe them.

  1. Stress less

Everyone needs time out. Wading through your day-to-day life at a high level of chronic stress all the time isn’t good for your body, mind or spirit, nor for anyone else around you for that matter.

To de-stress and be the best you can be, you need to have de-activation time. Read, meditate, walk, do yoga, journal, have a date night – something for YOU each and every day. Make at the very least 15 minutes a day non-negotiable de-stress time and FEEL the difference.

  1. Nourish your body

Another aspect we have previously touched on, but by replacing the bad with the good, you will feel better, happier and have bundles of energy. Nourishing, real food is what your body needs and wants. Stop trying to force your body to change because you don’t love your body, step away from the fad diets and shakes. Put the love into your food, make it interesting and tasty by choosing good, wholesome ingredients, provided for you by Mother Nature. Your body, and your mind will thank you

  1. Enjoy movement

The movement you choose to do must come from a place of love. Do things you enjoy and avoid punishing your body with excessive exercise or exercise you do not enjoy. Don’t exercise for the sake of it, it will quickly seem like a chore. Simply move: hike, climb, walk, run, stretch, dance… the options are endless. Move for how it feels and enjoy being more active. Don’t focus on any aesthetic change, focus on how it feels.

Mindfully implementing these elements daily will help create self-love. In 2019, develop a better your relationship with yourself, accept compliments with grace and compliment yourself too. Because that is what your inner self wants.

This year focus on you, be happy, enjoy every moment and make it a year to remember.

Love SBC x




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